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March 2016

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Our baby gender reveal

A black and white photograph of an iced vanilla cupcake sitting on a pretty floral plate _ with the title "Baking up a storm - our gender reveal video" _ Mrs H's favourite things

Having the 20 week scan on Thursday helped me relax. It was a great milestone to reach and it was wonderful to see our baby fidgeting away. I am always nervous before scans. I worry about the worst case scenario. And I sit in the waiting room sick from nerves and excitement. Thankfully, the scan went well. Baby is healthy and everything looks as it should do. And yes, we did find out the gender. Just as we did when I was pregnant…

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Finding Happiness

Five Under £5.00 – March 2016

A photograph of my five products each purchased for under £5.00, including Jelly Bunnies, a copy of Red Magazine, a heart shaped tin, a green bow hair clip and a rainbow belt - includes the heading "Five under £5 - March"_ Mrs H's favourite things

My gorgeous blogging friend Julia, who blogs at Rainbeaubelle, writes monthly posts called Five under £5. I love these posts. I am a very nosy person by nature. And so I am fascinated to see what my fellow bloggers have purchased for under £5.00. I often get tempted to go out and buy some of their wonderful finds. I've been meaning to join in for a while. As always I have found it hard to get myself organised. I could probably purchase…

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