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Is Your Shortness Of Breath Due To Age Or Asthma?

A black and white photograph of a man taking a deep breath and looking up to the sky - Is Your Shortness Of Breath Due To Age Or Asthma? - Mrs H's favourite things

This is a collaborative post. Most of us consider asthma as something you either have or not. It’s one of those conditions we assume will be prevalent at birth. And, while we may worry about this for our kids, we don’t often consider that we could suffer ourselves. In fact, if we experience shortness of breath, we often consider it just another symptom of age. In reality, though, that isn’t always the case. It isn’t unusual for adults to develop…

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Mental Health

My First Emotions: The Parent’s Guide

A photograph of a mother and her toddler son enjoying the activities from Skylark Learning's My First Emotions Box - My First Emotions - The Parent's Guide - Mrs H's favourite things

Mr H, being a communicator by trade, is always reading books about human behaviour. He recently read out this sentence to me from a book by Jonathan Haidt called The Righteous Mind (the fun we have in our house!): “We are deeply intuitive creatures whose gut feelings drive our strategic reasoning.” It really connected with me because, as someone who has struggled with my mental health all my life, I know how true this is. On any day, my feelings…

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