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Charities Mental health

Self-harm Awareness

Self-harm still feels like a very taboo subject to talk about. I've always been open in this blog. I have written posts about my history of long-term depression, miscarriages and even my suicide attempts. But somehow talking about my personal experiences of self-harm seems more difficult. Even now, as I write this I wonder what you are all thinking.…

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Little Miss H

My Captured Moment – bright eyes

captured moment

I think that this photograph is a perfect example of what Heledd intended when she created My Captured Moment. It isn't the best photograph in the world. But that doesn't concern me. Because this photograph is of a captured moment that I will always treasure. As this is the moment that Little Miss H first opened her beautiful eyes.…

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Charities Finding happiness

Cancer Research UK: workplace and teacher

Cancer Research UK

During my time at Cancer Research UK I changed as a person. I developed both professionally and personally. But I did not expect that working at Cancer Research UK would teach me more about life. My day job taught me some valuable life lessons. Lessons that I am not always brilliant at following. But lessons that I need to remember and that I try to use as motivation for how I live my life.…

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Personal keepsake picture by Feather Grey Parties – a review

personal keepsake picture

I love the idea of filling Little Miss H's nursery with items that are personal to her. We already have a very cute personalised keepsake box and a picture created from the names of Little Miss's spare parents. But I really wanted a pretty picture that could go on the bookshelves in her nursery. I was thrilled when Kate, the owner of Feather Grey Parties contacted me and asked if I would be willing to review one of her personal…

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Grobag baby sleep bag review

Anyone who follows me on Twitter or Facebook will know that Little Miss H doesn't sleep. At all. Ever! We have tried everything to help her to sleep better. But nothing has worked. So I was thrilled when I was contacted by the lovely people from the Gro Company and asked to review one of their baby sleep bags. I hoped that this would be our saviour and would solve all our sleep problems.…

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Blogging & vlogging

Sunday Stars – 08/02/2015

Sunday Stars

Welcome back to the Sunday Stars linky. It is lovely to see you here. I hope that you all had a wonderful January and that February is treating you well. I have had a lovely few weeks. I’ve been enjoying some pampering, been to see “Cats: the musical” in London and spent a lot of time at the park with Little Miss H. What have you been up to over the past few weeks? Sunday Stars This linky is designed…

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