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Mrs H

Finding happiness

3 ways to beat the January blues

A photograph of a wintery scene and a frozen moat around a castle - 5 ways to beat the January blues _ Mrs H's favourite things

Okay, I know that January is nearly over but I think the January blues always drag into February. They certainly do for me anyway. The weather is still cold and grey and miserable. Christmas seems like a long time ago and Spring hasn't reared its beautiful head yet. At this time of year, we all need a little pick me up. So these are my top 3 ways to beat the January blues.…

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Motherhood Recurrent miscarriage

An open letter to our first baby

A sepia tinted photograph of a young baby's feet and toes - A open letter to our first baby - Mrs H's favourite things

Dear Baby, Today could have been your 4th birthday. Today your Daddy and I could have been singing happy birthday to you. We could have watched you open your presents. Seen you smile as you blew out the candles on your cake. We could have taken you to see the animals at London Zoo. Maybe you would have asked to take one of your new toys with you.…

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Little Mister H Reviews

Babywearing love – a review of the Wuti Wrap by We Made Me

A photograph collage of a mother wearing her young baby in the Wuti Wrap by We Made Me - Babywearing love - a review of the Wuti Wrap by We Made Me

Little Miss H was six months old when I started babywearing. I bought a bamboo woven wrap and began to carry her for journeys into town or to see friends. I also wrapped her when I was doing chores around the house and she needed to nap. During my pregnancy with Little Mister H, I would imagine our little boy as a newborn baby. And I would become excited about the idea of wearing him. Being able to breathe in…

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Little Mister H Reviews

toTs by SmarTrike Voyage Changing Bag – a review

A photograph of the toTs by SmarTrike Dark Grey Melange Voyage Changing Bag sitting in the sunshine on a pebbly beach _ tots by SmarTrike Dark Grey Melange Voyage Changing Bag _ A review _ Mrs H's favourite things

A changing bag is one of the most important purchases you will make as a new parent. We bought a cheap and basic changing bag when I was pregnant with Little Miss H. It was boring and black. And after a month it needed replacing. So I bought a Cath Kidston floral backpack. Mr H HATED this bag. A pretty floral bag is really not his style. This bag was big enough for Little Miss H's belongings. But I knew that…

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Little Mister H Our home

Wooden toys wish list for Little Mister H

A collage of fabulous wooden toys for baby and toddler boys - including a fabulous fire engine ride on from Halfords, Grimms conical rainbow stacker and a Bajo wooden mouse and Gruffalo figures - Wooden toys wish list for baby and toddler boys - Mrs H's favourite things

Little Mister and Little Miss H have a lot of toys. But without doubt my favourite are their wooden toys. These are the toys that are enduring classics. They are the toys that they play with over and over again and that fire their imagination. They are also safer for them as wooden toys tend not to have any nasty chemicals. Which is handy when you have a baby who puts anything and everything in their mouth. And my, are wooden toys pretty…

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Motherhood My rainbow baby

My Rainbow Baby featuring Me Becoming Mum

A photograph of a wooden rainbow toy, some rainbow coloured confetti and three photos from a baby scan lying on a white baby blanket - My Rainbow Baby featuring Somewhere After the Ranbow _ Mrs H's favourite things

Welcome to the first My Rainbow Baby post of 2017. I have created this series in the wish that it will give hope to anyone who has experienced baby loss or is struggling to have a longed for baby. Little Miss H and Little Mister H are not the only rainbow babies. There are many of them. And I want to share the beautiful and poignant tales of these special little rainbows. I am inviting others to tell these stories. To talk about…

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My ramblings

The (not big or fat) quiz of the year

A coloured photograph of a little girl dressed in cold weather gear walking across Camber Sands beach on a sunny winter's day with the beach houses and a bright blue sky in the background - The (not big of fat) quiz of the year _ Mrs H's favourite things

Earlier this week, the lovely Lisa from Mummascribbles tagged me in The (not big or fat quiz) of the year. Lisa has been one of my favourite bloggers and best blogging buddies for quite a while. She is truly lovely. But she is also a brilliant writer. She wrote this fabulous letter to her first born son recently and I am sure it is a post that resonates with all parents of more than one child. For the past two years,…

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