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Changing our house with a loft or basement conversion

A photograph of the back of a house, with a visible basement, a balcony and staircase down to the garden and some patio windows_ includes the title "Changing our house with a loft or basement conversion" - Mrs H's favourite things

We moved into our three bedroom terraced house back in August. Since then, the house has remained untouched. We haven't even gone near it with a paint brush. Our little home could be amazing. There is huge potential. But if we are going to make changes then we need to do it properly. We need to consider all our options. So over the past few months various surveyors, builders and heating specialists have looked over our house and provided us with…

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Easter (very rocky) Rocky Road recipe

A photograph of three chunks of Easter Rocky Road (which includes mini eggs, Galaxy eggs, smarties and digestive biscuits) on a white plate surrounded by brightly coloured sprinkles _ includes the title "Easter Rocky Road" - Mrs H's favourite things

On Easter Sunday we plan to do an Easter egg hunt for Little Miss H. So earlier this week, I headed into our local Sainsbury's and bought a plethora of chocolate treats. I may have over done it. Since then, Little Miss H has been given some more huge Easter eggs. So to prevent our darling daughter from having the biggest sugar high known to man, I decided to create a recipe to use up some of this chocolate. And to…

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Little Mister H Pregnancy after baby loss

Rainbow wish list for a baby boy

A collection of clothing for a new born baby boy featuring rainbows or beautiful bright rainbow colours _ includes clothes from Frugi, Jojo Maman Bebe and Cath Kidston - with the title "Rainbow wish list for a baby boy" - Mrs H's favourite things

When I gave birth to Little Miss H, I didn't know that she was my Rainbow Baby. I didn't know what the term meant. A Rainbow Baby, is a baby that is born after miscarriage, still birth, neonatal loss or other baby loss. It refers to the bright and beautiful rainbows that appear in the sky after a storm. The rainbow doesn't pretend that the storm never existed. Instead the rainbow shines all the brighter because it has followed a moment of…

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Fashion Reviews

Finding the perfect coat with Trespass

A woman stands in front of the grounds of a stately home, she has a warm winter coat by Trespass on, with the hood up and accessorised with a navy scarf _ includes the title "Finding the perfect coat with Trespass" _ Mrs H's favourite things

I love taking Little Miss H out to play in the sunshine. And as a family, one of our favourite ways to spend a Saturday is to go to a park, wood or stately home. Even when the weather is cold or wet, we bundle ourselves into out warm coats and head out doors. Time in the fresh air always blows away the cobwebs and puts us all in a better mood. But to make sure that we can get out of the…

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Blogging & vlogging

Sunday Stars – 13/03/2016

Sunday Stars image_blue Bokeh image with the title "Sunday Stars" _ Sunday Stars _ 08/05/2016 - Mrs H's favourite things_blog image

Welcome back to Sunday Stars! Happy Sunday. I hope that you are all having a lovely weekend and that the sun is shining in your neck of the woods. We've had an exciting time since my last Sunday Stars post. It is over a week ago since we had the 20 week scan. Baby looks perfect and I am really excited. We also now know whether we are having another Little Miss H or if our family is going to…

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A perfect Mother’s Day – My Captured Moment

A black and white photograph of a mother and her young daughter on a swing in the middle of a wood - with the title "A perfect Mother's Day" - Mrs H's favourite things

Last week, I celebrated my third Mother's Day. Having suffered from recurrent miscarriages, I know how blessed I am to celebrate this day at all. Having children is much harder than it looks. Not the process of child rearing (although that has its good and bad days) but the process of creating, making and baking a baby. That is why I never take my family for granted and I am so grateful that they are a part of my life. And this year's…

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Mental health Motherhood Pregnancy after baby loss

Surviving Pregnancy After Baby Loss

Pregnancy after baby loss is a time of mixed emotions. There is happiness but also great worry. Emotions are heightened. This is how I survived the anxiety of my pregnancy after miscarriage. Photograph is of a rainbow after a dark storm. As my baby and the pregnancy after my recurrent miscarriages where like the rainbow after the storm - Surviving pregnancy after baby loss - Mrs H's favourite things

Pregnancy after baby loss is a time of mixed emotions. There is happiness and joy. But there is also anxiety and fear. Back in November 2015, I discovered that I was pregnant for the sixth time in 3 years. We were blessed to have a lovely little girl. But we had also experienced the pain and grief of four miscarriages. Three of the miscarriages had been while trying to have our second child. And only a few months before discovering I was…

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