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Warning: Sleepless Nights Are Doing Terrible Things To Your Face

A photograph of a woman lying on a white sheet on her front and asleep in bed - Warning Sleepless Nights Are

This is a collaborative post. Sleepless nights can sometimes seem like a good idea. You have work to do, so you stay up all night and get it finished in a day – great idea! It’s a Friday night, and you’re going out with the girls and come back in at 4am, getting hardly any sleep – excellent idea! And of course, every parent has had to go through sleepless nights looking after their children. Sometimes we feel like losing…

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My ramblings

The Person Behind Mrs H’s favourite things – A Random Q & A

A photograph of a brunette woman drinking a cup of tea from a Cath Kidston mug - The Person Behind Mrs H's favourite things - A Random Q & A - Mrs H's favourite things

The lovely Lisa from Mummascribbles (my wonderful co-host of Our Weekend Happy tagged me in a random Q & A – you can read her answers here. This is an opportunity for you to learn more about me, the person behind Mrs H’s favourite things. The Person Behind Mrs H’s favourite things – A Random Q & A When was the last time you cried? It was yesterday. I’ve been suffering from my depression and anxiety this week. Wednesday was…

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Awesome Ways To Improve Your Mood

A photograph of a woman looking over a balcony and smiling - she is in a happy mood - Awesome Ways To Improve Your Mood - Mrs H's favourite things

This is a collaborative post Your mood is an incredibly important part of living a healthy lifestyle. When you’re in a bad mood things tend to slip. You get less done, you procrastinate more, you lose focus and you don’t get enjoyment from things that usually make you happy. You’re also likely to overeat and avoid exercise which can lead to you becoming unhealthy. It’s also contagious. What starts as a bit of a bad mood, can spread. You might…

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Health & welfare

How To Keep Your Family’s Hearts Healthy

A photograph of a Dad holding hands with his daughter and her son and walking beside the sea - How To Keep Your Family's Hearts Healthy - Mrs H's favourite things

This is a sponsored post With so much information out there about how to stay healthy and the never-ending headlines about which one of our favourite foods is now bad for us, it’s hard to know what you should actually be doing to keep you and your loved ones healthy. A key part of overall health and wellbeing is keeping your heart healthy. So here are a few tips to help you keep your ticker on top form. How To…

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5 Obstacles to Happiness That You Can Overcome

This is a collaborative post For many people, happiness seems to be a very elusive state of being, always flickering in the distance but difficult to get your hands on. There are various obstacles along the road you need to overcome. And though these obstacles are individual to everyone, there are some common themes which come up time and time again. I hope that this blog post, exploring some of these common issues, will help you to find happiness and fulfilment.…

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Mental health

Antidepressants and me – My Story of Taking Antidepressants

A photograph of a brunette woman looking at the camera with a slight smile on her face - Antidepressants and Me - My Story of Taking Antidepressants - Mrs H's favourite things

Trigger warning: this post mentions depression, anxiety, taking antidepressants, self-harm and attempted suicide. If you have personal experience of any of these then you may find this post distressing.  Next year will be the twentieth anniversary of my diagnosis of depression. It will also mark almost twenty years of taking antidepressants. That is huge! It means that I’ve suffered from depression for the majority of my adult life. If you’ve read this blog before then you’ll know that I’m very…

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Could Decluttering Help With Your Mindset? How You Can Get Started.

A photograph of a woman at the beach with a sun glare across the photo - Could Decluttering Help Your Mindset? How To Get Started - Mrs H's favourite things

This is a collaborative post. The term messy house and messy mind can often ring true with some people. I know that I always feel more stressed if I am surrounded by mess. And if you find yourself in a cluttered space it can be quite difficult to clear your mind. Leaving it feeling cluttered with your thoughts, anxiety and emotions. A simple task like decluttering your home or some of the spaces where you spend most of your time could…

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Health & welfare

Reasons to Join the V-Gang

A photograph of a happy woman standing on a pier in front of a sunset - Reasons to Join The V-Gang and Become A Vegan - Mrs H's favourite things

This is a collaborative post The number of vegans around the world is on the rise and chances are that you know a couple yourself. Many will proudly throw two fingers in the air and proclaim that they’re in the V-gang. Now, there are various reasons that you might want to jump on this bandwagon. Let’s take a look at how veganism can help you, animals, and the planet! Reasons to Join The V-Gang and Become a Vegan For Your…

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