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Let Your House Reflect Your Uniqueness

A photograph of a Japanese inspired house _ Let Your House Reflect Your Uniqueness_Mrs H's favourite things

This is a collaborative post. Not a single person in this world is the same as the other. We are all very different human beings with our own little quirks and personalities. This is not something we should be ashamed of, but something we should revel in. And we should embrace our identity as individuals, because if we were all the same then the world would be a very boring place. Most people would agree with this statement, and yet,…

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Travel and days out

Do Your Car Tyres Suit Your Needs?

A photograph of a car tyre - Do Your Car Tyres Suit Your Needs? - Mrs H's favourite things

This is a collaborative post. To the untrained eye, all tyres work in a similar fashion, working for all journey types in any weather condition. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. While tyre types may look similar, when you take into consideration the different car models, tyre brands, and seasonal requirements, tyre variations begin to arise. Not every type of tyre will suit every type of car all year round, but understanding the difference between the variations is paramount for…

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Beauty Health & welfare

Warning: Sleepless Nights Are Doing Terrible Things To Your Face

A photograph of a woman lying on a white sheet on her front and asleep in bed - Warning Sleepless Nights Are

This is a collaborative post. Sleepless nights can sometimes seem like a good idea. You have work to do, so you stay up all night and get it finished in a day – great idea! It’s a Friday night, and you’re going out with the girls and come back in at 4am, getting hardly any sleep – excellent idea! And of course, every parent has had to go through sleepless nights looking after their children. Sometimes we feel like losing…

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Little Miss H Reviews

Shopkins Happy Places App – A Review

A photograph of a young girl playing the Shopkins Happy Places App from Kuato Studios - Shopkins Happy Places App Review - Mrs H's favourite things

Little Miss H is a huge Shopkins fan. These tiny and collectable toys from Moose Toys first entered our lives a few years ago when we reviewed Shopkins: Chef Club, the first official Shopkins movie. Since then Little Miss H has collected a huge number of these grocery store characters with cute faces and individual names. She gets hugely excited when she manages to collect a rare or ultra-rare Shopkin. So I knew that Little Miss H would love to…

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Blogging & vlogging Our Weekend Happy

Our Weekend Happy linky #7

A featured image for the new linky and Instagram Community Our Weekend Happy - Our Weekend Happy Linky #7 - Mrs H's favourite things

Welcome to the seventh week of Our Weekend Happy. The linky that I host with the gorgeous Lisa from Mummascribbles. Thank you to everyone who linked up last week. It was lovely to read your happy weekend posts. Our Weekend Happy Linky Lisa originally created Our Weekend Happy and then I started joining in at the beginning of this year. And it is such a lovely post to write. It is all about capturing memories. And after all, isn’t that why most of us…

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Beautiful Hair After Pregnancy – Simple Tips For New Mums

A photograph of a brunette woman looking at the camera with a slight smile on her face - Antidepressants and Me - My Story of Taking Antidepressants - Mrs H's favourite things

This is a collaborative post. After you have a baby, your body will make use of all the minerals and nutrients available to recover. If you decide to breastfeed, you will need even more vitamins and minerals. New mothers already feel tired and drained in the first few weeks after delivery, due to not sleeping enough. If you’d like to get your hair back in shape after giving birth, you might have to come up with a plan to support…

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Motherhood Our home

Creating A Positive Learning Environment For Your Kids

A photograph of a baby's feet and some colourful building blocks - Creating A Positive Learning Environment For Your Kids - Mrs H's favourite things

This is a collaborative post. You may have chosen to homeschool your children or you may like to support their ongoing education with a dedicated reading and homework nook. Either way, there can be little doubt that the creation of a positive learning environment will transform your home for the better. A place where young minds, curiosity, creativity, and fun will be nurtured. This space can involve the whole family in your child’s educational journey; as you read, complete projects,…

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Finding happiness Our home

How To Feel Better Within The Walls of Your Own Home

A photograph of a sign saying home and a wicker heart on a wooden table - How To Feel Better Within The Walls Of Your Own Home - Mrs H's favourite things

This is a collaborative post A home is a place which should be very close to your heart. It’s important to actually feel at home in your own house. It is a place of rest, a place in which you should be able to unwind and let all your daily stress slowly leave you while you sink into your sofa or do some long overdue housework. It should most definitely be a place where you can actually feel at ease and…

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