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Finding happiness

Finding happiness Our home

How To Feel Better Within The Walls of Your Own Home

A photograph of a sign saying home and a wicker heart on a wooden table - How To Feel Better Within The Walls Of Your Own Home - Mrs H's favourite things

This is a collaborative post A home is a place which should be very close to your heart. It’s important to actually feel at home in your own house. It is a place of rest, a place in which you should be able to unwind and let all your daily stress slowly leave you while you sink into your sofa or do some long overdue housework. It should most definitely be a place where you can actually feel at ease and…

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Finding happiness Mental health

5 Obstacles to Happiness That You Can Overcome

This is a collaborative post For many people, happiness seems to be a very elusive state of being, always flickering in the distance but difficult to get your hands on. There are various obstacles along the road you need to overcome. And though these obstacles are individual to everyone, there are some common themes which come up time and time again. I hope that this blog post, exploring some of these common issues, will help you to find happiness and fulfilment.…

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Family Finding happiness

5 Reasons I’m looking forward to Summer

A photograph of a little girl on a summer day running through a field of wild flowers - Five Reasons I'm Looking Forward to Summer - Mrs H's favourite things

In collaboration with Garden & Camping. On Sunday, we headed to the seaside to have a day on the beach. We spent the whole day as a family breathing in the sea air and strolling leisurely. It was a wonderful day. The sun shone and the sky was blue. And for a moment, I almost forgot that it is still winter. Ever since that day, I’ve been dreaming of the days when the weather is better. Spring is always my…

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Finding happiness Travel and days out

Chasing Rainbows with Simpson Travel

A photograph of a wooden rainbow toy (showing the full spectrum of the rainbow - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet), two postcards of rainbows and foam letters spelling out "Simpson Travel" - Chasing Rainbows with Simpson Travel - Mrs H's favourite things

Finding happiness and chasing rainbows. Ever since Mr H and I started to try for a family, rainbows have been an emblem in my life. My pregnancy with Little Mister H was filled with anxiety. I was terrified of losing another baby. Yet every time I feared the worst a rainbow would appear in the sky to give me hope. A rainbow to shine the way for our second rainbow baby. Our son, Little Mister H, who appeared in our…

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Finding happiness Our Weekend Happy

Our Weekend Happy #4 – Muddy Walks, an Afternoon Nap & Songs at Dinnertime

This is week 4 of writing an Our Weekend Happy post. I love writing these posts. It is so nice to record the little moments that make a weekend happy. Even when we have a quiet day there is always something worth remembering. Anyway, in case you haven’t seen my previous Our Weekend Happy posts, it is based on a weekly post that one of my favourite bloggers, Lisa from Mummascribbles writes. I’ve always loved her posts. And so I decided that…

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Finding happiness

Our Weekend Happy #2 – Pampering, Pyjamas and Muddy Puddles

A photograph of a card with the quotation "Self care is not a luxury but a priority" - Our Weekend Happy #2 - Pampering, Pyjamas and Muddy Puddles - Mrs H's favourite things

Last week, I started writing a post called Our Weekend Happy. It is based on a weekly post that one of my favourite bloggers, Lisa from Mummascribbles writes. I’ve always loved her posts. And so I decided that I wanted to write something similar. Next Wednesday (Wednesday 31st January) Lisa and I are launching Our Weekend Happy as a linky and an Instagram hashtag community. We would love you to join us and link up any happy posts about your weekend. Also,…

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Finding happiness

50 more things that make me happy

A photograph of a mother who is walking in the woods and looks happy. She is smiling at the camera and her little boy is asleep in the Pao Papoose Baby Carrier - 50 More Things That Make Me Happy - Mrs H's favourite things

“The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.” William Morris The past few months have been tough. Yet I’ve entered 2018 with a new and positive outlook. I’ve set myself some goals and I’m looking forward to the year ahead. Like most people, I’m constantly in the pursuit of happiness. I want my life to be filled with experiences and moments that make me happy. But recently I’ve realised that happiness…

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Finding happiness My ramblings

18 for 2018

A photograph of a beautiful and colourful sunset with the shadows of a wood in the foreground - 18 for 2018 - Mrs H's favourite things

Over the past few months, I’ve begun to listen to Podcasts. One of my favourite podcasts is Happier by Gretchen Rubin, the author of The Happiness Project. In one of her recent podcasts, she shared her list of 18 things she plans to do in 2018. As soon as I heard Gretchen and her sister discuss their 18 for 2018 lists, I knew that I had to write one for my blog. It’s part bucket list and part goal setting but…

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