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Imaginative Play With The Casdon Mr Kipling Tea Set – A Review

A photograph of a little girl playing imaginatively with the Casdon Mr Kipling Tea Set and Cake Stand - Imaginative Play with the Casdon Mr Kipling Tea Set - A Review - Mrs H's favourite things

Little Miss H loves imaginative play and has an amazing imagination. She can spend hours wearing dressing costumes, cooking in her kitchen or playing mummies with her dolls. And she is especially fond of throwing a tea party. She likes to invite her teddy’s and her baby brother along and pour them tea and serve them imaginary cake. So when we were offered the Casdon Mr Kipling Tea Set to review I knew that it would make her extremely happy.…

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Sylvanian Families Ballet Theatre Playset and Sea Otter Family – A Review

I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Sylvanian Families. They were my favourite toy as a child. And I’d spend hours in my room playing with my bear family and their cosy cottage. I really hoped that Little Miss H would come to love Sylvanian Families as much as I did. She is such a creative child and I knew that these fabulous figures would be perfect for imaginative play. When Little Miss H turned four in…

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