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My Captured Moment – A birthday trip to Whitstable beach

Today I am happy to be back writing another My Captured Moment post. They are always lovely to write as they give me the opportunity to look back at a moment of my life that has made me smile. This week's My Captured Moment is a series of photographs that were taken back in May. It was Little Miss H's second birthday and we had taken a day trip to Whitstable to visit the beach.…

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Little Miss H Reviews

Little Miss H’s bumble bee themed birthday party

bumble bee themed birthday party

Back in May, Little Miss H turned the grand old age of two. Her birthday was a few weeks after the miscarriage and it crept up on me rather suddenly. We had decided that we would throw her a party the Sunday after her birthday. A week before the date, I realised that I had invited a few people to her party but that was it. I was completely disorganised and didn't have a clue what I was doing.…

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My family

Mrs H’s week in pictures #1

Mrs H's week in pictures

Last week I decided to copy many of my favourite bloggers and start a My week in pictures feature. I really enjoyed creating and writing the post. It was lovely to go through all the pictures of the week and remember all the exciting things we'd done. I am continuing with this feature but I have added a twist. Yes, it has a fancy new name.…

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Little Miss H

My Captured Moment – The first morning

My Captured Moment

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Life has been hugely busy recently. We are selling our flat and hopefully buying a gorgeous new house. The process has taken over my life. And my blog has had to take a back seat. Tonight, I felt inspired to write a post. To ease myself back in gently, I am joining in with the gorgeous Heledd over at Running in Lavender and her linky, My Captured Moment. The idea is simply to share photographs…

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Finding happiness

50 things that make me happy

A photograph of a mother and he daughter smiling happy smiles and standing in front of a stone lion - 50 Things that Make Me Happy - Mrs H's favourite things

Happiness is important. Sometimes life can run away with you. Seconds run into minutes. Minutes run into hours. Hours run into days. Time has gone by and you haven’t been able to sit back and appreciate the wonder of the world around you. My history of long-term depression means it is important that I take time to acknowledge the little things in life that make me happy. The moments that put a smile on my face. That is why this…

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Little Miss H

My Sunday Photo – The Great Escape

Great Escape

I often take Little Miss H to the park up the road. She loves playing on the swings and going down the slide. But recently she has been drawn to the tunnel. I love this photo. She looks so happy and cheeky. I also can't look at this photo without humming the theme tune to "The Great Escape".…

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