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Shopkins Happy Places App – A Review

A photograph of a young girl playing the Shopkins Happy Places App from Kuato Studios - Shopkins Happy Places App Review - Mrs H's favourite things

Little Miss H is a huge Shopkins fan. These tiny and collectable toys from Moose Toys first entered our lives a few years ago when we reviewed Shopkins: Chef Club, the first official Shopkins movie. Since then Little Miss H has collected a huge number of these grocery store characters with cute faces and individual names. She gets hugely excited when she manages to collect a rare or ultra-rare Shopkin. So I knew that Little Miss H would love to…

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Shopkins: Chef Club – review

A photograph of the DVD cover of SHOPKINS: CHEF CLUB_ a brightly coloured animation many characters from the show_SHOPKINS: CHEF CLUB - a review - Mrs H's favourite things

Little Miss H loves Shopkins. She first became interested in them after watching a number of YouTube videos of the toys being opened and played with. It is amazing how much enjoyment a three-year old can get from watching someone open a toy! She then moved on to watching the Shopkins animated webisodes which can be found on the Shopkins YouTube channel. If we let her then she would be very happy to watch these webisodes for hours. So when Universal contacted me…

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