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November 2014

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An A – Z of Blogfest 2014: Part 2

Last week, I wrote An A – Z of Blogfest 2014: Part 1. It is now time to embark on part 2 with the letters L – Z.  I must admit that I hadn’t fully thought this alphabet through when I published the first post. This second part is going to be tough. Wish me luck and please forgive me if I take a few liberties with some of the trickier letters. L is for laughter – I started laughing…

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Thoughts & Inspiration

Role models, Feminism And Blogging

Zoella was one of the first blogs I read.   Zoe Suggs, the woman behind Zoella, came across as a sweet and lovely 24 year-old with an interest in fashion and beauty. I warmed to her personality, quirkiness and writing style. She covered topics that I found interesting. I enjoyed her sweet friendship with fellow blogger Louise at Sprinkle of Glitter. And I admired the honest way she wrote about her struggles with anxiety. Zoella doesn’t drink, smoke or take…

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The Mummy Witching Hour: When Chaos Descends

For this mummy, the witching hour is not midnight. It is not the time when witches, ghosts and ghouls appear. For this mummy, the witching hour is the time period between making Little Miss H's dinner and leaving her room knowing that she is in sleepy land. It is when chaos descends.…

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