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May 2015

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I was hoping… Reacting To Our Fourth Miscarriage

A black and white photograph of a dandelion losing some seeds - I Was Hoping - Reacting To Our Fourth Miscarriage - Mrs H's favourite things

Trigger warning: Baby loss. The post “I Was Hoping – Reacting To Our Fourth Miscarriage” is about baby loss and miscarriage and you may find it upsetting if you have any personal experience of these subjects. I Was Hoping – Reacting To Our Fourth Miscarriage I was hoping that this time would be different. I was hoping that we wouldn’t have to hear the words: “I’m sorry, but it doesn’t look good”. I was hoping that the fact I was fitter…

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Finding Happiness

Mrs H’s week in pictures #1

Mrs H's week in pictures

Last week I decided to copy many of my favourite bloggers and start a My week in pictures feature. I really enjoyed creating and writing the post. It was lovely to go through all the pictures of the week and remember all the exciting things we'd done. I am continuing with this feature but I have added a twist. Yes, it has a fancy new name.…

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