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August 2015

Blogging & Vlogging Fashion & Beauty

Vlog Club – My Top Five Beauty Products

A logo for our Vlog club_a film clapper board with the title Vlog club_this post is my top five favourite books_mrs H's favourite things

I wouldn't count myself as a vlogger. I have only made one other vlog. We decided that it would be easier to vlog regularly if we set ourselves a theme. And so the idea behind Vlog Club and sharing our Top Fives was born. The theme will change every month and August's theme is My top five beauty products. Do pop back in September for my top five chick flicks! …

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Finding Happiness

Because I’m Happy – Week 1

A baby girl lying in her cot wearing a sleeping suit and smiling_with the title "Because I'm happy..."_Mrs H's favourite things

"Because I'm happy...clap along if you know what happiness is to you...." Listening to this line made me realise that happiness isn't always easy to come by. Sometimes you have to work hard at creating your happiness. Or at least, you need to make an effort to see that every day contains moments of happiness. Even if they are fleeting.…

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My Captured Moment – Growing up too fast

Growing up too fast

I am thrilled to be back with another My Captured Moment post. I took this photograph last week. Little Miss H and I were sitting on the sofa having a snack and chilling. I glanced over at her and for a moment she took my breathe away. She looked so serene. So beautiful. And so grown up. …

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Motherhood Thoughts & Inspiration

Talking PANTS with the NSPCC’s Underwear Rule

NSPCC's Underwear Rule_Talk PANTS

I know that as a parent I can help to keep Little Miss H safe from abuse by talking to her about these threats. But I want to be able to talk to her without scaring her, without destroying her innocence and without taking away her belief that every new person she meets is a friend in the making. Thankfully the NSPCC have created the Underwear Rule to help parents, like myself, talk to our children about sexual abuse. It is…

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Thoughts & Inspiration

The Tragic Downfall Of Kids Company

The downfall of the London-based charity Kids Company has been all over the news this week. The former Chief Executive and founder of Kids Company is the hugely flamboyant Camila Batmanghelidjh. A larger than life character who had an amazing passion to help disadvantaged children. It now appears that the infrastructure of Kids Company failed to live up to the enthusiasm of its founder. I hope that in the passing weeks and months, as the postmortem on Kids Company is carried out people…

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Finding Happiness

My monthly bucket list – August 2015

Back in March I decided to join in with the Monthly Bucket List linky hosted by the fabulous Twinderelmo. I was hoping that writing a bucket list would help me to become more organised. Alas, dear reader, this was not to be. I did become a little more organised. But I definitely did not reach the organisational standards of my past.…

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