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July 2016

Finding Happiness Motherhood

A Heart Full Of Love – The Siblings Project – July 2016

A mum sits on a hospital bed with her three year old daughter and introduces her to her newborn baby brother - with the title "A heart full of love - The Siblings Project - July 2016" - Mrs H's favourite things

I always knew that Little Miss H would be an amazing sister. That she would be kind and gentle to her sibling. She would be concerned for their welfare and look out for them. She would also boss her baby brother or sister about. Demanding that they play with her. Telling them which character they were playing in her imaginary games. Probably a Disney Princess or a My Little Pony. She would read them stories, show them how to paint and teach…

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Baby Loss Motherhood

Introducing Little Mister H

A beautiful newborn baby boy is sleeping peacefully in a cot. He is wearing a little hat, stripey sleepsuit and has both a lightweight star blanket and bunny rabbit swaddling blanket _ includes the title "Introducing Little Mister H"_Mrs H's favourite things

On Sunday, 10th July I was 38 weeks and three days pregnant. Although I still had 11 days until my due date I was beginning to wonder if Little Mister H was ever going to arrive. Over the weeks my anxiety levels had grown. And I could not see the pregnancy ending happily. And that weekend, I had begun to talk to Mr H about asking my midwife for a stretch and sweep. I was worried about how apprehensive I was beginning to…

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My hospital bags – what have I packed?

A photograph of two packed hospital bags_ the first is the toTs Voyage Changing Bag in Dark Grey Melange and the second (just seen) is from Cath Kidston _ includes the title "My hospital bags - what have I packed?"_Mrs H's favourite things

Last weekend, I began to feel that Little Mister H might make an early appearance. And I panicked! I hadn't written a birth plan and my hospital bags weren't packed. Spurred on by the thought of Little Mister H arriving into chaos I packed my bags and wrote my plan. And I feel much happier knowing that I'm ready for Little Mister H's arrival (well, as ready as I will ever be).…

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