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November 2017

Reviews & Giveaways

Natural Oral Care from The Natural Family Co. (NFco) – A Review and giveaway

A photograph of a toothbrush from the Natural Family Co. (NFco.) in a Cath Kidston melamine cup with a toothpaste from NFco and another toothpaste at the side - Natural Oral Care For The Whole Family With The Natural Family Company (NFco)- A review and a giveaway - Mrs H's favourite things

Back in July, The Natural Family Co (NFco) launched a Natural Oral Care range featuring toothpaste and toothbrushes. This Australian company was developed by Justin and Rachel Bernhaut, the founders of Jack N’ Jill Natural Care. Jack N’ Jill have been a trusted leader in children’s natural oral care for over 40 years. So it seems only right that they’ve begun to design a range to be used by the whole family. “We are always looking for new ways to work…

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Mental Health

An Open Letter To The Girl Who Just Attempted Suicide

A moody photograph of a woman with brown hair standing and looking mournfully down to the ground. With one hand she is twirling a necklace - An Open Letter to the Girl Who Just Attempted Suicide - Mrs H's favourite things

Trigger warning: If you have personal experience of suicide or suicidal depression then you may find this post upsetting. If you’re currently struggling with suicidal thoughts and you’re in danger then please call 999 and request an ambulance immediately.  My dear girl As I write this letter to you, I have tears pricking the back of my eyes. My heart hurts thinking of you lying in that hospital bed. Because last night you took an overdose. It was your fourth.…

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Motherhood Thoughts & Inspiration

The Day I Closed The Door And Walked Away

A photograph of a blonde haired, rosey cheeked and blue eyed 16 month old baby boy sitting on his bedroom floor and playing with some wooden toys - The Day I Closed The Door and Walked Away - Mrs H's favourite things

Before I became a mother I could never imagine turning my back on a crying child. Especially not MY crying child. Of course, I knew that children had tantrums but I foolishly imagined that my children would be different. They would be angels. And they would never tantrum in public or get so upset that I wouldn’t be able to calm them. I also thought that I would be a natural mother. That from the moment they were born I…

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Fashion & Beauty Reviews & Giveaways

Finding My Mummy Style with J D Williams’ Autumn/ Winter Collection

A photograph of a young brunette woman standing outside and wearing a blue ruffle sleeve jumper from JD Williams and grey skinny jeans and a pair of grey ankle boots - this is a photo of her modelling her new Mummy Style - Finding My Mummy Style With JD Williams and their Autumn/ Winter Collection - Mrs H's favourite things

Before I was a Mummy, I wore a wide variety of clothes. I loved to wear a smart dress with opaque tights and heels to work. But now I’m a mum those clothes aren’t practical and lurk in my wardrobe unloved and unworn. My mummy style isn’t one that I’m particularly happy with. It consists mainly of jeans and t-shirts. It isn’t very stylish and it can look frumpy. When JD Williams contacted me and asked me to review some…

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