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5 Reasons I’m looking forward to Summer

A photograph of a little girl on a summer day running through a field of wild flowers - Five Reasons I'm Looking Forward to Summer - Mrs H's favourite things

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On Sunday, we headed to the seaside to have a day on the beach. We spent the whole day as a family breathing in the sea air and strolling leisurely. It was a wonderful day. The sun shone and the sky was blue. And for a moment, I almost forgot that it is still winter.

Ever since that day, I’ve been dreaming of the days when the weather is better. Spring is always my favourite season. The blossom on the trees. The happiness of seeing the appearance of daffodils, tulips, crocuses and bluebells. The beautiful vibrant colours taking over from the drab greys of winter. What is not to love?

But even during spring, there are days when the weather is cold and miserable. I remember there being snow in April. So this year I’m really looking forward to summer and we’ve already started making plans.

5 Reasons That I’m Looking Forward To Summer

1. Picnics

Our family does love a picnic. And they’re not only fun but they are also practical.

Making your own picnic is much cheaper than going out for lunch. And if your children are fussy eaters then at least you can pack food that you know they will eat. Little Miss H won’t eat much but she does love a picnic. She would quite happily eat cheese sandwiches every day of the week. And she often asks for a picnic tea on the carpet.

A photograph of a little boy on a summer day sitting in a field of wild flowers - Five Reasons I'm Looking Forward to Summer - Mrs H's favourite things

I’m looking forward to when the weather is warmer, and we no longer need to picnic in the car or on the carpet. We can pack up Little Miss H’s cheese sandwiches and crisps and head to some beautiful gardens or a lovely National Trust property.

2. Water play in the garden

Both Little Mister H and Little Miss H love water. And they adore playing with water. So as soon as we have a sunny day, Little Miss begs for me to fill up her water table in the garden. Then she’ll quite happily spend hours playing with buckets, watering cans and cups and pouring the water everywhere. This generally leads to her being soaked but I don’t care because it makes her so happy.

A photograph of a little girl on a summer day out in the garden playing with water and various jugs -Five Reasons I'm Looking Forward to Summer - Mrs H's favourite things

Last summer, Little Mister H was still too small to get really involved in the water play. So I’m very excited about filling up the water table and watching them both play with it together. You never know, if we have some really hot days then I might even get the paddling pool out.

3. Walks in the Woods

We are so blessed to have some beautiful woods right behind our house. And it only takes a minute to walk to them. This winter has been so miserable that we haven’t spent much time in them. It is terribly muddy in the woods at the moment and neither of the children is particularly happy to get stuck in the mud. But we all adore going for walks in the woods so I can’t wait until the weather is warmer and we can head for our weekly jaunts through the woodland.

A photograph of a little girl on a summer day climbing on some fallen trees in a wood filled with bluebells - Five Reasons I'm Looking Forward to Summer - Mrs H's favourite things

Little Miss H even has her favourite location in the woods. It is called the train of sticks. And is where a number of logs and fallen trees have formed the shape of a train. She loves that part of the woods. And we have to go on a train journey every time we visit.

4. Camping in the Garden

On sunny days, we love putting our teepee in the garden and filling it with toys. But this summer I really want to take this one step further and actually have a camp out in the garden. Little Mister H is probably too young at the moment but I think Little Miss will love this idea. I can’t imagine that she will want to stay out all night. Yet, I really like the idea of stargazing while drinking hot chocolate and snuggling in our sleeping bags. Of course, to do in this in style we would need to stock up on some Garden Camping Outdoor Essentials.

5. Days on the Beach

A photo of a little girl on a beach on a summer day - Five Reasons I'm Looking Forward to Summer - Mrs H's favourite things

Ever since Sunday’s trip to the beach I’ve been yearning for a summer excursion to the seaside. Last year, we were lucky enough to have an amazing holiday in Broadstairs. And during that week we spent lots of our time on the beach – splashing in the sea, lazing in the sun and building sandcastle. Little Miss H was in her element.

We don’t have any plans to go on holiday at the moment. However, Mr H is going to take some time off in August. And we want to fill those few weeks with lots of fun day trips. We’ll definitely be heading to the beautiful Camber Sands for a day.

Are you done with winter too? What are you looking forward to this summer?





In collaboration with Garden & Camping. 

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    Jenna Richards
    February 22, 2018 at 5:34 pm

    I can’t wait for summer either, I find parenting so much easier when we can play out in the garden all day.

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