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Our Travel Bucket List

A photograph of a woman on holiday in the Maldives wearing a stetson and tying her sarong - Our Travel Bucket List - Mrs H's favourite things

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Mr H and I have always loved to travel. Before we had children we would go abroad twice a year. We would try to vary the trips we took. So one holiday would be a city break where we crammed every day with activity and took in as much culture as we could. The second holiday would be a beach holiday where we would just relax. It was bliss!

During this time we were lucky enough to travel to Copenhagen, Florence, Rome, St Kitts, Rhodes and the Maldives (as well as a few other places). But there is still so much of the world to explore. And although I would love to travel around the world with my children, I also think of the days when the children have left home and Mr H and I can travel on our own.

As I will be celebrating my fortieth birthday this year, I decided to write a travel bucket list. Of course, there are so many places in the world that I would like to see. Mr H used to laugh at me as I once had a life bucket list that included visiting every country in the world. This was quite unrealistic, so this time I have produced a travel bucket list of ten places that I would like to visit.

My Travel Bucket List

1. Andalusia in Spain

Mr H and I had once booked a ten day holiday to Spain. During that holiday we were planning to spend a few days in Madrid and then travel on to Grenada in Andalusia. But sadly we had to cancel the holiday.

Mr H and I would still love to visit Andalusia in Spain. The history and culture from the Moorish occupation in Andalusia are fascinating. And the Alhambra Palace looks gorgeous and the perfect place to visit on a day trip.

2. Mauritius

Mr H and I spent our honeymoon in the Maldives. It was complete paradise. White sandy beaches, turquoise seas, tropical fish and beautiful blue skies. The weather was amazing. And I discovered that sitting in the shallows of the Indian Ocean, with a cold drink and a good book was the ideal way to spend an afternoon.

A photograph of the veranda of a water villa that leads down to the Indian Ocean in the Maldives - - Our Travel Bucket List - Mrs H's favourite things

Ever since then I’ve longed to spend more time holidaying in the Indian Ocean. Mauritius is stunning. And although we might not be able to spend our tenth wedding anniversary there. Perhaps we could travel to Mauritius with the long-haul luxury Travel Operator Destination 2 for our twentieth wedding anniversary.

3. Borneo

My sister-in-law and brother have visited Borneo and I was very jealous. Borneo is one of two places in the world where you can see Orangutans in the wild. And I just think that would be the most amazing experience.

4. Peru

I studied Classical Civilisation and Ancient History at university. And although it was mostly focused on the ancient Greeks and Romans I can quite happily geek out over all ancient cultures. Thankfully, Mr H willingly tolerates this fascination and he and I would love to visit Machu Picchu in Peru.

5. Cuba

Early on in our relationship, Mr H lent me his copy of Our Man in Havana to read. Ever since then I’ve wanted to visit Cuba. It sounds like an amazing island filled with colour, vibrancy, salsa music and fascinating history.

6. Iceland

A trip to Iceland would be one of our dream holidays. I know that going to a land of snow and ice isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time. But Mr H and I have always yearned to see the Northern Lights and Iceland is one of the best places to do that. We would also love to spend a few weeks just pottering around and visiting the Blue Lagoon, the geysers and Reykjavik. And who cares if Iceland doesn’t have a warm climate. The cold never bothered me anyway.

7. Mexico

My desire to visit Mexico goes back to my fascination with ancient civilisations. The country has many sites of Mayan ruins including Chichen Itza and the mysterious ruins at El Tajin (archaeologists still don’t know which ancient civilisation constructed the buildings there). Mexico is also known to have some of the finest beaches in the world. So once Mr H and I have tired ourselves out visiting all the ruins we can go and lie on a beach and enjoy some sun, sea and sand.

A photograph of a young woman on a catamaran going on a sunset cruise in the Indian Ocean off a Maldivian island - Our Travel Bucket List - Mrs H's favourite things

8. Jordan

I defy you to watch Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and not want to visit the ancient city of Petra in Jordan. Of course, like many ancient sites, I’m sure it will be heaving with tourists. So if I could add another wish to my bucket list, it would be that Mr H and I get to visit Petra on our own (with no one else around) as the sun sets. Ahhh… I can but dream.

9. South Africa

I think that South Africa is up there with Iceland as one of my dream holiday destinations. There is so much to do there and it would definitely be a holiday of a lifetime.

I would, of course, want to go on safari. And if we were going to go on safari then we would need to do it in style – staying in a private safari lodge at Kruger National Park Safari Park. It would be a dream to see Africa’s Big Five (elephant, lion, rhino, buffalo and leopard) in such breathtaking surroundings.

But if we’re going to go to South Africa then we wouldn’t want to only go on safari. We’d also want to visit Cape Town, Johannesburg, Table Mountain, Robben Island and spend a day at the amazing Cape Point Vineyards.

10. Venice in Italy

Mr H and I have been for city breaks in both Florence and Rome. We loved Florence and had an amazing time there. Mr H and I are both fans of Renaissance art and so we were in heaven in Florence.

So I’m sure that we would have a wonderful time in Venice. It looks like a beautiful city filled with romance. And there are hidden gems of art and culture around every corner.

Which destinations would you include on your travel bucket list? Have you visited any of these places? Or maybe there is somewhere that I’ve left out. I would love to know in the comments.





This is a sponsored post.

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