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February 2018

Health & Welfare

A letter to myself as I try to become healthier

A photograph of a beautiful, happy and health woman on her wedding day - A letter to myself as I try to become healthier - Mrs H's favourite things

Dear Lucy I’m writing this letter to you because you have recently embarked on a challenge to become healthier. This is a noble challenge. And something that is very much needed (as I sit here typing you are nursing your fourth cold/ illness in so many weeks). I’m also writing this letter because I know what you’re like as a person. You’re an all or nothing person and a perfectionist. You give your all to something but then at the…

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Fashion & Beauty

Modern Anti-Ageing Choices

A photograph of a smiling almost 40-year-old woman smiling at the camera with a beautiful landscape behind her - Modern Anti-Aging Techniques - Mrs H's favourite things

This is a collaborative post. I’m turning 40 in September. And I’m beginning to worrying about showing the signs of ageing. Thankfully there are a number of modern anti-ageing choices. Modern Anti-Ageing Choices Anti-aging techniques have been around in some form or another for a long time. However, modern technologies have allowed skincare experts to develop many new and exciting ways to at least temporarily turn back the hands of time and improve skin quality. If you are interested in…

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