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Reasons To Hang A Chandelier In Your Home

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When you think of a chandelier, a large, opulent lighting fixture in a grand and exuberant period home may come to mind. Although this image is lovely, most of us don’t live that way. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add a little style and luxury to your home.

With so many varieties, from traditional brass and sparkling glass pendants to industrial and wooden options, you can find a chandelier for any room in your home – even when you have kids. Not convinced? Here are some reasons why.

Reasons to Hang a Chandelier in Your Home

They’re Versatile

Whether you’re looking for a light fitting that’s minimalist and modern or totally traditional in style, a chandelier is a versatile choice. Although you may picture an oversized glitzy gold and glass light, there are now so many options to choose from.

While classic styles are beautiful, designs have moved away from the traditional chandelier, with everything from art-inspired sculpture work, to rustic and steampunk styles. This means there’s a chandelier suitable for any room or interior, whatever your décor and personal tastes.

They Make a Statement

When you have kids, it can be difficult to keep your home looking the way you’d like it. With sticky fingers, accidental crayon marks and toys scattered across the floor, your home may feel more lived-in than styled-up. This is where a chandelier can make all the difference.

Safely out of reach of little hands, a chandelier is a statement light that can transform a space with minimal effort. No painting, wallpaper or redecorating of any kind is required. A chandelier can also make a room feel more luxurious and adult-friendly, which is perfect for when the little ones have gone to bed and you want to unwind.

They’re Family  Friendly

Lighting in your home is important, as it can make an interior feel more open and add to a room’s ambience. But when you have a family, it needs to be practical, too.

While you could add table and floor lamps to increase light levels unless out of reach, this isn’t always a practical option with little ones around. Instead, with multiple light fittings attached, a chandelier can brighten a room from above, without the risk of your children knocking over a lamp or being injured. Plus, to control light levels further, you can install a dimmer switch, ensuring you can perfectly light your home.

A chandelier is a great feature for any room in your home. Do you have a chandelier?





This is a collaborative post

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