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A Zoo Trip Bedroom That Will Make The Kids Roar

A photograph of a stuffed teddy bear sitting on a bed in a children's bedroom - A Zoo Trip Bedroom To Make The Kids Roar - Mrs H's favourite things

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A trip to the zoo is fun for all the family, as long as the monkeys keep their hands to themselves. Cheeky devils! Kids love watching the animals in a semi-natural habitat and it’s an amazing way to introduce them to Mother Nature. It doesn’t have to stop in the enclosure either because you can recreate the design at home. A zoo trip bedroom is a fantastic way to remember the time the lions roared or the elephants squirted water. And it’s easy to do with a few simple tricks. But don’t worry, there’s no need for any wildlife.

A Zoo Trip Bedroom That Will Make The Kids Roar

Zebra Wallpaper

Zebras aren’t as exotic as the other animals, yet they seem to have a hypnotic effect on children. And hopefully, the right wallpaper will hypnotise your children into sleeping through the night then.

If you are worried about the print looking too tacky, just remember that the design doesn’t have to be Austin Powers in the 60s. Forget about straight lines and concentrate on a stream of black and white that fits in with the rest of the room. It can be polka dots, paisley or any other type of pattern that you and your kids like. Some people don’t even use black and white as using red and white can be just as effective.

Stuffed Animals

Okay, so you may have a wild creature or two knocking around, but they won’t be alive. Giant teddy bears are excellent additions for two reasons. The first is because they represent the animals you see at the zoo, so they act as a reminder. The second is that stuffed animals are big and bulky and help to dominate space. Whether on a chair or sat on the bed, it’s hard not to notice a giant panda relaxing in its natural habitat. And the great thing about a panda is that it is black and white just like a zebra. So it uses the same colour theme.


Zoos don’t use any old lights; they think about it carefully. You should follow suit or else the bedroom won’t have the same impact. The key is to think about the kind of lighting which reminds you of an enclosure. The snakes, for example, are often in a dimly lit room that is murky and mysterious. In that case, www.scotlightdirect.co.uk has a nice range of floor and desks lamps. For exhibit style fixtures, Which recommends spotlights as you can control the strength and positioning and Elle Decor suggests going vintage, too.


On a day out, mums and dads take loads of photographs of their kids enjoying the experience. Rather than leaving them on your phone or camera, print them off and plaster the images onto the walls. How lovely will the room look if it includes action shots of real animals? If the kids are in the photo too then that is even better. Download and print off the best ones and put them in a frame. A mix of photographs of animals and shots of your children will add a genuine zoo atmosphere.

Do you and the family enjoy a day out at the zoo? Would you consider creating a children’s bedroom inspired by your zoo trip?





This is a collaborative post

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