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Let Your House Reflect Your Uniqueness

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This is a collaborative post.

Not a single person in this world is the same as the other. We are all very different human beings with our own little quirks and personalities. This is not something we should be ashamed of, but something we should revel in. And we should embrace our identity as individuals, because if we were all the same then the world would be a very boring place.

Most people would agree with this statement, and yet, our homes rarely represent our differences. Home is where the heart is, and your heart is not the same as your neighbour’s, so why would your house look like every other house on the street? You shouldn’t be afraid to get creative with both your interior, and exterior design so that your house can live up to your personality.

Of course, different does not necessarily mean over-designed. These aren’t the originality Olympics where we try to be the most special snowflake out there. This is a way to display your originality in front of not only yourself, but anyone who might be visiting. Let’s quickly look at some furniture which you might not see as often as others around homes in the western world.

Let Your House Reflect Your Uniqueness


Japanese Furniture

Modern Japanese furniture and appliances may not vary greatly from most of their usual western counterparts found around Ikea. Although they are usually much more superior in usability and design. Classic Japanese furniture still keeps that movie-esque look that so many people are after. Nothing says Zen like a kotatsu and a tea set to enjoy while your legs are getting toasty. And if you follow a few tips you could have a beautiful, spacious-yet-effective Japan-inspired interior that is sure to wow both your guests, and you alike.

Quality Amish Furniture

One does not have to live in an Amish Paradise to appreciate some finely crafted Amish furniture. The Amish may not use fancy things such as electricity but there is no underestimating their craftsmanship skills when it comes to furniture.

There seems to be a slightly bigger market for Amish furniture than you would expect.And you can find some really unique pieces or even full sets of furniture. Whether you’re after the quaint and peaceful aesthetic, or the classy yet hefty approach that can be found in some of the design philosophies used in the making of these fine furnishings, you’re bound to find something to fit your tastes.

A photograph of some unique furniture made with the front of a car - Let Your House Reflect Your Uniqueness - Mrs H's favourite things

Unique Furniture

The two previously mentioned types of furniture are pretty unique as they are rarely used in the western world. But there are also some companies who go out of their way to make furniture that stands out from the crowd. And they’ve come up with some rather interesting solutions to well-known and almost tired designs. It’s always refreshing seeing something new like an industrial patch copper set of furniture.

Do you have any unique pieces of furniture in your house?





This is a collaborative post.

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    March 23, 2018 at 2:50 pm

    That is so true. I am firm about creativity and the home to be different and original just like people are different.

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