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Warning: Sleepless Nights Are Doing Terrible Things To Your Face

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Sleepless nights can sometimes seem like a good idea. You have work to do, so you stay up all night and get it finished in a day – great idea! It’s a Friday night, and you’re going out with the girls and come back in at 4am, getting hardly any sleep – excellent idea! And of course, every parent has had to go through sleepless nights looking after their children.

Sometimes we feel like losing a bit of sleep doesn’t matter because it’s for good reasons. Unfortunately, all your sleepless nights add up, and they result in terrible things for your face. To show you what I mean, I’ve revealed some of the shocking things a lack of sleep does to you.

Sleepless Nights Are Doing Terrible Things To Your Face

Bags Under The Eyes

We’ll start things off with one of the worst beauty issues there is; dark bags under the eyes. Yes, we’ve all had them after a night of very little sleep, and they seldom go away. The less you sleep, the worse these bags become until you end up looking like a panda. Why does this happen? It’s because our skin basically becomes dehydrated when we’re tired, which causes dark blood vessels to show and this gives the black eye appearance.

Can you fix bags under the eyes? Yes, by hydrating your eyes and sleeping more – but it’s not easy. The chances are if you get black eyes from a lack of sleep, then they’ll be there forever.

Forehead Wrinkles

When you don’t sleep, you become very tired. This means that the next day you walk around tired, often frowning because you’re low-key stressed. As a result, you get those lovely forehead wrinkles that everyone can see. They can create self-confidence issues, and make you feel like you have to overcompensate with added makeup.

The problem with these wrinkles is that, when you get them, they’re almost impossible to get rid of. Sure, you can get lots of browlift info if you want to think about permanent fixes through procedures, or research different wrinkle creams to give temporary relief. Either way, it’s still fairly difficult to get rid of this problem, and the better solution is to just sleep more and avoid forehead wrinkles in the first place.  

Bloodshot Eyes

No one likes walking around with eyes, so red people assume you’ve been crying for 24 hours. Sadly, this is the case when you don’t sleep much. Your eyes start to get redder and redder, and they’re bloodshot and puffy when you wake up. This usually happens simply because your eyes are open and straining for too long when they need to be shut.

Luckily, this is one of the few things that you can get rid of. All you have to do is – you guessed it – get more sleep! Seriously, that’s all you need to do, and you will avoid waking up with puffy, bloodshot eyes.

The moral of the story is; sleep more every night! Think of it from this perspective; how much money do you spend on beauty products for your face? Probably loads. What more, you need to use more makeup to counter the problems that come with a lack of sleep, meaning you run out of it quickly, and need to buy more! Sleep is free but not getting enough sleep can cost you lots of money.





This is a collaborative post.

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