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Why I Want Our Children To Have Emotional Intelligence?

A photograph of a mother with her son and daughter at the beach in Camber Sands - Why I Want Our Children To Have Emotional Intelligence - Mrs H's favourite things

As a society, we value intelligence. And once our children start school we want them to do well academically. We help them learn to read and we show them how to write their name. Evenings are spent practising spellings and times tables. Yet we rarely teach our children about emotional intelligence. From an early age, we shhh them when they cry. We tell our children to be quiet when they’re angry. And we often use negative language to describe their emotions. They’re…

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Reviews & Giveaways

Bullyland Chubby Unicorn Figures – A Review

A photo of four bullyland Chubby Unicorn Figurines in the overgrown grass, forget-me-nots and daisies of a garden - Bullyland Chubby Unicorn Figurines - A Review - Mrs H's favourite things

Like many little girls her age, Little Miss H adores rainbows, fairies and unicorns. She has actually asked us to buy her a unicorn as a pet. I may be an awesome Mummy but even I can’t magic up a unicorn. Thankfully, Bullyland came to the rescue and sent us some of their Chubby Unicorn Figures to review. Little Miss H wanted to play with the Chubby Unicorns from the moment she saw them. It was agony for her watching me…

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Health & Welfare

Get Back Up Again – Recommitting To A Healthier Lifestyle

A photograph of a woman wearing a t-shirt with the slogan "tres jolie" - Get Back Up Again - Recommitting To A Healthier Lifestyle - Mrs H's favourite things

At the beginning of January, I started working with a fabulous nutritionist called Lamorna. I signed up for her 12-week Nutrition for Life programme. I’m going to be 40 in September (I may have mentioned this a few times). And this year, I wanted to focus on becoming the healthiest version of myself that I can be. But I didn’t want to try a fad diet and I didn’t want to starve myself. Instead, I wanted to learn about how I could…

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Health & Welfare Reviews & Giveaways

A Few Hours Of Self-care At The Space Retreat – A Review

A photograph of a coaster, with a blue water colour effect on and the words "just breathe" - A Few Hours of Self-Care - A Review of The Space Retreat - Mrs H's favourite things

This year I’m making a very conscious decision to look after my health. I’ve realised that I’m important. I’m the cornerstone of my family. I need to treat myself with the respect I deserve. So I’m trying to make time for self-care. And back at the beginning of the year, I found the perfect place to escape for a few hours. At The Space Retreat, I was able to spend some time putting myself first. The Space Retreat In January,…

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Finding Happiness Our Weekend Happy

Our Weekend Happy 11 – Pottering, A Beach Day & Seeing Auntie B

A photograph of a mum, her son and her daughter all dressed up in coats etc and paddling at Camber Sands - Our Weekend Happy - Pottering, A Beach Day & Seeing Auntie B _ Mrs H's favourite things

This is the eleventh Our Weekend Happy post that I’ve written for this blog. Last week’s post was a little different, as it was a review of our day out at the new Animals of the Ice Age exhibit at Howletts. This post also included my first day in the life video. I’d always assumed that I wasn’t creative enough to produce a Day in the Life video. But I’m really proud of this video. I would love it if you went…

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Mental Health Thoughts & Inspiration

About Time & Deciding to Lead A Slow Life

A photograph of a woman lying on a rug with her hand on her forehead and her eyes closed - About Time - Deciding to Lead A Slow Life - Mrs H's favourite things

There are times in life when you have an epiphany. When the stars align and a series of events occur. These events make you stop in your tracks. Look inside yourself and take a deep breath. All of a sudden something that has just been out of sight comes into view. And the world makes sense. Now… this minute… as I write this post … is one of those times. About Time & Deciding To Lead A Slow Life The…

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Motherhood Reviews & Giveaways

Baby Swimming Skin Care with Baby Dove

A photograph of the entire Baby Dove range - Baby Swimming Skin Care with Baby Dove - Mrs H's favourite things

Last week, Little Mister H and I headed into London for a very exciting event. Baby Dove had invited us to attend a private swimming lesson with Water Babies. We were also going to learn how to protect your baby’s delicate skin when you take them swimming. Baby Swimming Skin Care with Baby Dove I never really took Little Miss H swimming when she was a baby and toddler. But Little Mister H is a real water baby and I…

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