Allow Your Child To Be An Individual

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Having children is one of the biggest gifts that you can have in life. The idea of creating a life and carrying it inside of you for nine months is just magical – it is magic. Then you are blessed with their presence and a bond is formed almost immediately. Being a Mother is life-changing. 

As your child gets a little bit older, you will see them looking at and discovering the life around them. They may like going out in the garden and picking up insects or flowers. They will then want to pull off all the petals to see what happens. Finding out the meaning of things and how they make them feel is the start of a huge adventure. This is a rather extraordinary thing to watch because you know that their mind is ticking and evaluating every new situation and experience.

As time goes on, you will realise that they start to do this on themselves, trying to discover who they are as an individual. It’s important that you give them the freedom to do this (within reason of course.)

Here’s how.

Allow Your Child To Be An Individual

Dress Their Personality

Most children are dressed with their parent’s sense of style but you should also try and cater to their personality. For example, choose colours that you know are your child’s favourite. Or pick patterns that seem to represent them and match their behaviour. And don’t forget to accessorise. Stores like My Little Duckling provide a unique look into the mind of the child by the designs that have been created.

Give Them A Paintbrush

A lot of parents often worry about the mess, but you need to remember that most children are messy. And most of the time mess can be easily cleared up, so don’t try and prevent activities like painting. One of the most interesting ways to understand what is in the mind of your child is to hand them a blank piece of paper, a paintbrush, and all the colours of the rainbow, and then leave them to it. You may even realise that your little one has a natural talent and will choose to paint throughout their childhood.

Encourage Talking Time

Every evening, before your child goes to bed, you should encourage them to talk about their day. Now of course, you will speak all the time about everything, but doing this when it’s calm and quiet may stimulate them to open up about other things. Just because your child is very young doesn’t mean they don’t have serious thoughts and concerns sometimes. So allowing them that freedom of speech to bring something to your attention can be very valuable.

Now you have some ideas, try to put them into action and see what happens. No matter their age, your children need to know that they have a voice and that they’re allowed to be whoever they want to be.





This is a collaborative post.

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