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How To Take Care Of Your Engagement And Wedding Rings

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Did you know that weddings in the UK were worth around £10 billion each year? This includes everything from planning an engagement party to buying a wedding ring. And this cumulative cost seems set to increase incrementally in the years ahead.

The purchase of wedding and engagement rings also happens to be one of the most emotive elements of planning your nuptials. As these pieces of jewellery are symbolic of your love and everlasting commitment.

How to Take Care of your Engagement and Wedding Rings

How to Take Care of your Rings in 3 Simple Steps

With this in mind, it’s important that you take care of these rings over time. Here’s how:

1. Take Out Insurance On Your Rings

Sadly, you can’t always prevent the loss or damage of your engagement and wedding rings (take it from someone who knows). You can, however, minimise the financial cost of such instances, by taking out insurance on these items at the point of purchase.

When you buy a ring through a reputable brand such as F. Hinds, you should be offered insurance as an additional product, usually for a competitive monthly payment.

Now, while you may baulk at an additional expense when buying a ring, this can save you significant win the long run and safeguard what can be a costly investment.

2. Take the Time to Maintain your Ring

Given that you may well wear your wedding band for eternity, it makes sense that you should take steps to maintain it, right?

The way in which you maintain your ring will be dictated by its core material. White gold will need to be re-rhodium plated every one or two years, for example, depending on how tarnished or worn it has become. Platinum will also need to be regularly polished and cleaned at a local jeweller, usually for the cost of between £20 and £30 a time.

Not only are these important details, but it’s also crucial that you have a jeweller clean and inspect your rings. This prevents any unnecessary damage and may help to identify any underlying issues that you may have overlooked.

3. Consider Having your Ring Resized When Appropriate

Over time, your body shape may well change as you either lose or gain weight. This is perfectly natural, but it can affect the fit of your ring and how comfortable it is to wear.

As a result, we’d recommend that you look to have your rings resized when appropriate, as this can prevent loss and optimise your comfort at all times. For example, if a ring becomes too big it may fall off your finger. While an increasingly tight fit may cause you to stop wearing it completely over time.

These instances can be avoided with a simple piece of maintenance, enabling to wear your rings with genuine peace of mind at all times.

How do you take care of your engagement and wedding rings?





This is a collaborative post. 

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