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The Secret To A Perfect Coffee

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Our morning coffee might just be the most important drink of the day. Many of us wake up and look forward to that first sip of sugary, caffeine-filled goodness to give us the energy for the rest of the day. Everyone has a different way to make coffee, however, if you want the perfect cup every time here are some of the rules you need to stick to.

The Secret To A Perfect Coffee

Buy Fresh Beans

If you want to drink the most amazing coffee you’ve ever had, you need to make sure you buy yourself fresh coffee beans. You can get Fresh coffee beans by Spiller & Tait or even ones from your local coffee shop and use these. It will brew the freshest and most rich cup of coffee. 

Grind It Yourself

Instead of buying ready ground coffee, you should grind the beans yourself. This will guarantee that the ground coffee is as fresh as it can be, and you will also avoid it tasting far too bitter. You can buy a grinder online and it will make a big difference to the final drink.

Use Filtered Water

Tap water is generally fine for many uses. However, tap water contains many chemicals such as chlorine and sodium which are used to kill off bacteria and make sure the water is safe to drink. Of course, this means that your tap water isn’t pure. You can purchase a water filter online and simply use this to filter any water you want to drink. For your morning cuppa, use filtered water in your kettle to keep it pure and fresh. This will allow you to have a great quality drink.

Use Enough Coffee

People tend to be scared to use a lot of coffee in their drinks. But the truth is that you can get away with using more than you would think. If you’re making a coffee in a coffee press, using two scoops instead of one will produce a much richer flavour. Don’t be afraid to be afraid to make a strong coffee. As the strength will change later when you add milk, cream or sugar syrups.

Avoid Heat Damage

Usually when we make a cup of tea, we simply pour the hot water right on top of the tea bag and then leave it for a few minutes to brew. You may think it works the same way for your coffee. But pouring boiling water straight onto your ground beans will burn them. To avoid this, you can either pour a little bit of cold water or some milk over the coffee before you add the boiling water. This will ensure that your coffee retains its natural flavour and it won’t be damaged by the heat. You will end up with the perfect, steaming cup of joe to set you up for the day.

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This is a collaborative post.

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