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What To Do When Moving Day Is Close

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The thought of having to move out is enough to send shivers down experienced movers spines. Moving is just stressful, and for first-time movers, this can be even more of a worrying time. However, there are a few things that you can do to make life easier as moving day approaches.

There are still going to be little bumps in the road that will complicate matters. And after having to find a home, have the offer accepted, deal with all the paperwork, and start paying fees, you’ll already be in one big ball of stress. Try not to let setbacks get to you, prepare for them instead! Hopefully, this checklist will help to lower your stress levels as moving day comes closer.

What To Do When Moving Day Is Close

Backup Options

It’s always good to have a backup plan, especially when we’re talking about actually moving home. Firstly, you should find a place where you can store your things if the home you’re moving into isn’t ready when they said it would be.

What you need to remember is a chain builds. You’re buying their house, someone is buying your house, someone is buying the house from the people who are buying your house. It’s one big complicated line of people, and someone has to move out first. If this is you, you need to make sure you’re checking out storage and seeing what options are available to you.

You should only need to use it for a short amount of time, perhaps no more than two months. But at least you know everything is safe and you’re not clogging up your home with the new items that you’ve bought.

If you’re being pushed out of your own home, make sure you have a little backup place to stay, such as staying with family so you don’t have to move into rented accommodation. This will only waste money that you might not have to spend, and will definitely only add to your stress. There aren’t many places that will rent accommodation only for a short amount of time, so it could even mean the pain of staying in a hotel and racking up a huge bill!

New Items

Make sure you have organised the new items you need before you actually move into the home. Many people chose to wait until they’ve moved into their home before they think about buying things like a sofa or a bed. Then they realise that the delivery of these items takes weeks and they’re stuck for a long time without the essentials that they need. Your move will go much more smoothly if everything that you need is ready and waiting for you.

If you’ve not had donations from your family, you’re definitely going to be looking for ways that you can save money. The best way of doing this is by shopping online or checking out discount stores. There are some stores that sell brand new shop window items for a cheap price. These are the items that were stored in the shop window but have never been bought. The price could be reduced by hundreds because the product has been out of the box and have been handled, but the quality is still brand new.

The Sale Of Your Old House

This obviously only applies to people who already have a home to sell. Make sure that all loose ends are tied up with your old home before moving. Always make sure you’ve got a definite sale before signing anything with your new home. As you’re relying on the money from the sale of your home in order to buy your new home. 

You also need to make sure the funds are going through sufficiently so you can afford the mortgage on your new home. Chase up any loose ends as you find them rather than letting them progress into anything more serious.

Getting To Know Your Area

This is the final stage before moving into your new home. Even if you’ve organised everything that we’ve listed above, you’re still going to have a lot to sort out once you’ve moved. So knowing exactly where essentials are such as shops, hospital, doctors etc. is only going to make the move easier.

Hopefully, now your moving day is going to be a lot less stressful for you!





This is a collaborative post. 

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