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5 Tips To Take The Stress Out Of Summer Fashion Choices

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Picking out clothes probably isn’t top of your list of priorities if you’ve got a family to take care of but you still don’t want to walk around in mismatched clothes all the time. Now that summer’s here, you’ve got to start choosing a new wardrobe. You could look at all of the latest trends and see what’s ‘in’ right now but that’s a lot of effort. If you want to take all of the hassle out of choosing summer outfits just follow these simple rules.

5 Tips To Take The Stress Out Of Summer Fashion Choices

1. Wear Light Colours

Staying cool is a priority when you’re picking summer clothes so you should always go for lighter colours rather than darker ones. The darker colours absorb more heat so you won’t be anywhere near as comfortable. The lighter colours also have a better summer vibe than the darker ones so feel free to go as bold as you like.

2. Choose Loose-Fitting Garments

Wearing figure-hugging clothes in the summer is always a mistake. Summer fashion looks best when you’re wearing loose-fitting clothes. Choose flowing fabrics like skirts, maxi dresses, and airy tops. They’ll give you the added comfort that you need in the summer and they look great, especially in light colourful patterns. Always look for very light fabrics like silk or cotton that will breathe easily.

3. Go For Natural Makeup

When it comes to doing your makeup in the warm weather, less is more. Thick makeup gets quite hot and you’re likely to sweat some of it off. So it’s better to be sparing with it. You’ll also be wearing a lot of light pastel shades that won’t look right with thick dark makeup. You’re much better off going for a natural look or not wearing any at all. Get rid of the black eyeshadow and swap it out for something a lot lighter. Avoid dark lipstick and use a light pink instead and stay away from heavy foundation.

4. One Handbag For All Outfits

Trying to match a handbag to your outfit just adds another layer to the whole process and makes things unnecessarily difficult. Having a choice of 10 different handbags makes it harder to choose the right one before leaving the house. But you can make this decision easier if you limit yourself to one or two handbags. A light brown is a good neutral colour that goes with almost every summer outfit you can think of. So just buy yourself a good light brown handbag and stick with that.

5. Wear Your Hair Up

The hot weather can play havoc with your hair. If you’ve got particularly long hair, wearing it down isn’t the best way to stay cool. You’ll be far more comfortable if you put your hair up instead. A quick ponytail, a braid or a bun are all great styles that are quick to do in the morning and will keep you from getting too hot during the day.

Follow these rules and you can make summer fashion choices without putting any effort in at all.

What is your favourite outfit to wear in the summer?




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