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Away From The Beach: Amazing City Holidays For Families

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Sure, there’s nothing wrong with beach holidays, but they can begin to feel a bit samey after a while, right? That’s why it’s always a good idea to mix up the type of holiday we go on, including with our families. If you’ve been visiting the same old spot for years on end, it’s time to mix it up – and perhaps visit a city instead of a beach. There’s no shortage of excellent city destinations for families, as we’ll see below. Time to begin planning that next adventure, away from the beach and into the city!

Away From The Beach: Amazing City Holidays For Families

London, United Kingdom

Who says you need to travel overseas to have an amazing city break? You don’t! In the UK, we have one of the world’s great cities – London – right on our doorstep. And as you can imagine from a city with a long and fascinating history, as well as a thriving modern scene, there’s plenty of things for families to do.

The kids are sure to be enchanted by the sight of Big Ben, the London Eye, and the (gruesome) history of the Tower of London. Then there are all the fun and interactive museums, such as the Science Museum, and all the Harry Potter related fun.

New York City, United States

Does a city get more iconic than New York? It’s a whirlwind adventure for adults; we can only imagine how exciting it would be fun for children. Load up Home Alone 2 before you go, and your little ones will be smiling with anticipation at the prospect of all the iconic attractions. Go up to the top of the Rockefeller Center, spend a day with a picnic in Central Park, and take them to one of the many family-friendly Broadway shows. It’ll be an adventure that they’ll never forget!

Shanghai, China

If your kids thought New York was a spectacle, then they’ll positively lose their hands when they visit Shanghai. This bright, cosmopolitan city is fun for adults and children alike, with enough activities to keep all parties entertained. Book a stay at The Portman Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, and you’ll have attractions such as the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, 3D Magic Fun House, and the Oriental Pearl Tower all within easy reaching distance. Aside from all the fun they’ll have, it’s likely that your children won’t have experienced such a different culture – reason enough to take a trip!

Barcelona, Spain

OK, we said we’ll stay away from the beach, but if you’re looking to stay in Europe, then it’s hard not to look past Barcelona. While there is a beach there, the city is so much fun. Indeed, it’s only in recent years that Barcelona has embraced its beaches; in the past, it was all about the culture and the surrounding mountains. Take a trip, and you’ll have no trouble finding fun things to do as a family, whether it’s enjoying a festival, taking a trip to see the city from high above, or simply going for a stroll in the agreeable temperatures.

Have you visited any of these cities with your family? What did you think of them?





This is a collaborative post.


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