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Build A Family Bathroom Without Sacrificing Style

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If you look at photographs of stunning, modern bathrooms, they all seem to have something in common, they’re definitely not a family bathroom. As beautiful as the room may be, it’s clear to any parent that any bathroom that looks like the one above has not been designed to be used by a family with young children. The room looks wonderful, but it’s just not practical.

Some would argue that these high-end, luxury, styled bathrooms aren’t meant to be practical. They are designed for homes where aesthetics are more important than practicality. It seems to be accepted that having children means you can’t have one of these high-end bathrooms. You just have to accept that these bathrooms are for the childfree and empty-nesters. Aren’t they?

Not necessarily. With a few tweaks, it is possible to transform stunning modern bathroom design into a usable bathroom space that is suitable for families. And these tips will tell you how it’s done.

Build A Family Bathroom Without Sacrificing Style

1. Storage is Everything

If there’s one thing all beautifully-designed and styled bathrooms have in common, it’s a complete absence of clutter. There are no toys on the edge of the bath, no bottles of shampoo and conditioner lining the shelves. It’s just smooth, seamless lines across the entire design.

This is something you can mimic with the right storage. The right storage to create that seamless look is storage that is closed. You don’t want open shelves or display units. Instead, you want closed cupboards and tall boys. Behind the doors of which you can store all the paraphernalia any family needs in their main bathroom.

2. Focus on the Fixtures

The fixtures of a bathroom include the shower head, the sink plug hole and taps, the bath taps, the towel rail, and the means by which the shower curtain or door is supported. These aspects may seem inconsequential, but they actually have a huge role to play in the overall look of the room. Invest in these areas and the entire bathroom will instantly benefit from a style upgrade. And higher-end fixtures should be easier to maintain than their cheap, poorer-quality counterparts too.

3. Consider a Wet Room

If there is one thing you can guarantee you will experience during bath time, it’s splashing. No one can deny that it’s fun for both you and your child. However, when it comes to mopping up and removing the water stains from the floor, walls, furniture, and storage, that isn’t quite so fun.

If possible, it’s worth considering a wet room. A wet room will minimise the amount of maintenance work you have to do after bathtime. If you choose to tile the entire room and invest in truly waterproof furniture then a quick wipe-down and the room will be back to normal. With a wet room, you can enjoy splashy fun with your kids, as you know the entire room is designed to cope with it.

Hopefully, the above tips should have given you food for thought and can be used to help you achieve a beautiful bathroom that is compatible with parenthood.





This is a collaborative post.


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