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How To Create A Family Friendly Home With Flair

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When you’re lucky enough to have your own home and family, naturally thoughts turn to designing the perfect space to enjoy together. But the process of designing the ideal family home can be more difficult than you may have anticipated. You’ll face a number of design challenges as you try to compromise between style and practicality and balance the differing needs of your family. You’ll also want to future-proof the design so that it suits having growing children whose needs are variable. And then there’s usually the consideration of budget and what’s realistic and achievable out of all those glossy interiors magazines and wow-factor Pinterest boards. The good news is that with a little careful planning, designing your ideal family friendly home is within reach – here’s how:

How To Create A Family Friendly Home With Flair

A Deluxe Look Living Room

You want a welcoming, designer look Space, but your kids have sticky hands, crayons, and other ideas. Is it possible to have it both ways? Well, there are a number of little tricks that say yes. Look for living room furniture packages that feature a bold print. This can bring energy and a purposeful look to a space, while also hiding stains!

Using colourful but inexpensive throws to cover over the upholstery can also be a great trick, meaning you’re not too worried about them spilling juice. A stylish ottoman looks great and swallows lots of clutter like the kid’s toys – it’s also soft when babies begin pulling themselves up and walking. And a great light fitting can add style and drama to the room while being well out of reach for little fingers.

A Family Dining Room

A vintage solid wood dining table provides a focal point for the room, gives enough space to fit all the family round and if it takes a few knocks and bashes, it generally looks even better! Choose chairs that are wipeable too so that they can cope with spillages, and add a few colourful cushions into the mix to soften hard edges. Choose washable fabrics designed for outdoors that can be chucked into the washing machine if need be. Wool rugs are pricier but have more longevity, are easy to clean and are soft on little fit, so it’s worth the investment.

A Hard Working Bathroom

Having a well-designed bathroom can really add value to your home, but how do you get one that feels luxurious while still servicing the needs of a growing family? Look for sleek, inbuilt storage that can hide bath toys and clutter, transforming the space from family-friendly to adults only in an instant. Steer clear of smaller tile patterns- larger ones make a space look more seamless but they also cope with dirt better as there is less grouting on display to get grimy. Even better, choose a coloured or grey grout to show dirt less. Choose no-VOC paint in a wipeable finish, as it won’t emit harmful chemicals into your home environment. Or a fantastic look can be achieved using bold patterned wallpaper, just make sure that you use an appropriate clear sealant over the top. The finishes you choose must be durable and practical, but that doesn’t mean that the design has to be boring.

How do make your family friendly home has extra flair?





This is a collaborative post.

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