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These Signs Are Telling You It’s Time To Move, But Are You Listening?

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While moving house is exciting, it’s also about one of the most stressful things anyone can embark on. There’s money to worry about, agents to deal with, and moving companies to negotiate. And, that’s before you think about getting your home ready or packing everything into boxes. Even the thought of it’s enough to make your head spin.

It should come as no surprise, then, that the majority of us put moving off as much as we can. A fresh start may be a sweet pipe dream, but life is stressful enough without having to deal with that on top. So, we make do with we what we have, and for the most part, we cope.

Sometimes, though, that attitude of making do could cause more harm than good. After all, there’s a thin line between making the most, and settling for something which isn’t right for you or your family. And, if you fall into the latter, you could fast run into difficulties. Not to mention that you and your family could become miserable in your home. And, no one wants that. But, how can you tell when a move really should be on your cards?

These Signs Are Telling You It’s Time To Move House

Your Family Don’t Fit

Many people start looking out for property for sale when their homes no longer fit them. In truth, there are tips and tricks for making more of a small space. And, some of them may suit your situation. But, if you can’t get past the fact your home doesn’t fit you anymore, it’s a sure sign that you should move forward.

What’s more, there are more reasons for reaching this stage than we realize. The most obvious reason for needing to upsize is having more kids than you have rooms. But, even if you have enough rooms, various things can work towards leading you to need more space.

For instance, even if you have the one child, you may need to get somewhere larger as they grow. A youngster will be quite happy in a box room, but a teen needs more space than that. Worse, a failure to pick up on that could lead to arguments and an atmosphere within your home. And, no one wants that. So, instead of ignoring the signs, ask yourself if there’s any way you can all fit into that home space. If the answer is no, it’s past time you started looking elsewhere.

You Don’t Look Forward To Coming Home

This is a simple yet essential consideration. If you dread coming home, it’s a sure sign that a move needs to come onto your horizon. Our houses should be our havens. And, if yours is no longer that for you, there isn’t much you can do but move forward.

One thing’s sure; you can’t continue in this situation. Whether you’re restless, or whether something’s happened to turn you away from your home, you won’t find happiness by ignoring this. It may be that you feel stale each time you walk through the door. Or, perhaps those four walls remind you of too many bad memories.

It might be worth asking yourself, first, whether a simple redecoration could freshen things. New decor can have a more transformative impact than you might realize. But, if you don’t think even that would make a difference, then cut your losses and move forward. Not only will this help you feel at home, but it could also bring you a much-needed boost. So, pay real attention to how your home makes you feel. If you haven’t been happy there for a while, this could be the solution for you.

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You Have New Needs In Life

As our lives change, so do our living situations. Which can be irritating, given that significant changes are often accompanied by a lot of stress. But, though you may think you’re saving yourself worry by not moving, the opposite is often true.

If you get a job further afield. You may consider that you’re saving yourself the hassle by commuting rather than moving, but that commute could soon drive you up the wall. Do you really want to travel four hours to and from work for the foreseeable? We didn’t think so. Or, it may be that your child is approaching secondary school age. It may seem easier to opt for the school in your catchment area, but that may not be best for your child’s education. Instead, consider your options. If a move would take you closer to a dream school, then you shouldn’t hesitate to relocate.

Your Area No Longer Suits

It’s also worth noting that the area in which you live, can play a huge part in whether you need to move. A neighbourhood changes depending on the people who live there. And, that could mean the difference between a place which suits you, and a place which doesn’t.

Loud neighbours who live a party lifestyle may not suit your family needs. Equally, a spate of crimes in an area could be enough to push you into a property search. What’s more, these aren’t things you should ever ignore. Trying to stay settled in a neighbourhood with issues like these could leave you unhappy and unsafe. So, if your neighbourhood no longer offers the safety you loved about it once, don’t put off that move. This is especially the case if home safety is at risk. You may think installing a home alarm system will be enough to settle those itchy feet, but why live in fear? You owe it to yourself, and your family, to face the hassle of moving instead.

You’re Facing Major Renovations

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We all love a home renovation project, don’t we? Nothing beats getting stuck in and taking efforts to make your house the space you need. What’s more, some renovations are simple enough to put in place. Moving instead of getting around to these would be nothing short of madness. But, sometimes, our home’s renovation needs outstrip our abilities to cope.

It may be that, to make the space work for you, you’d need to knock down walls, or strip rooms and start again. Or, perhaps it’s a case of maintenance issues making renovation necessary. Damp, for instance, can get out of control before we notice. Just like that, you face significant repair works and renovations to get back up and running.

But, if the work you need to do outstrips your love for your home, it might be better to cut your losses. After all, projects like these aren’t for the faint of heart. And, if you aren’t committed to your house then you’ll struggle to see things through. What’s more, extreme work can often cost more than you’d spend to move. In that instance, moving is a no-brainer. So, before you embark on a home project, consider these things. Think about how you feel about the work. Estimate how much it would cost. If none of these things adds up, it might be time to phone those estate agents.


Ultimately, you’ll know in your heart whether it’s time to move from a property or not. But, considering the above signs that it’s time to move could help make the decision. One thing’s sure; knowing when to say goodbye is a crucial aspect of any homeowner’s journey. And, you can’t consider yourself exempt from that. You owe it to yourself, your home, and your family, to move on when the time comes. You can be sure you’ll all be happier for it.

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This is a collaborative post.

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