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June 2018


Store Your Memories With An Ottoman Bed

A photograph of a collection of baby items including blankets, first toys, knitted booties, favourite book, scan photos and baby on board badge - Store Your Memories With Bed Guru Ottoman Beds - Mrs H's favourite things

This is a collaborative post. Mr H and I are currently going through the house decluttering. And although, I’m trying to be ruthless there are some items that I just won’t part with. These are usually items that bring back precious family memories.  Memories that I cherish and that I want to be able to treasure and hold onto. I also want to be able to pass these possessions onto my children when they are older. However, I worry that…

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Fashion & Beauty

Summer Fashion Essentials From Fashion World

A photograph of a lady in her garden wearing a smock summer dress from Fashion World - Summer Fashion Essentials From Fashion World - Mrs H's favourite things

This is a collaborative post. I used to love summer fashion. From floaty florals to pretty pastels, I just adored the styles and colours. However, that was before I became a mother, and my figure changed. Since then I’ve fully embraced winter and autumn fashion. Skinny jeans and baggy sweatshirts have become my friends. But then contacted me and asked if I would try some of the summer fashion essentials from their website. I decided that this was my…

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Baby Loss

Symptoms And Diagnosis Of A Missed Miscarriage

A photograph of a small bunch of forget-me-nots - Symptoms & Diagnosis Of My Missed Carriage - Mrs H's favourite things

TRIGGER WARNING: Baby loss. This post details the symptoms and diagnosis of a missed miscarriage.  I had my first miscarriage six years ago, back in June 2012.  After being diagnosed with a missed miscarriage when I was 11 weeks pregnant. It shocked us and left us heartbroken. But thankfully, less than a year later we were blessed when Little Miss H arrived on the scene. After six years, I’ve finally decided that I want to share the story of our first…

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Reviews & Giveaways

Bunchems Unicorn Theme Pack – A Review

A photograph of a little girl with the Bunchems princess that she has made from the Bunchems Unicorn Theme Pack - Bunchems Unicorn Theme Pack - A Review - Mrs H's favourite things

One of Little Miss H’s favourite activities is to do a craft project. She likes to keep busy and a decent craft project can keep her occupied for an hour or more. And so she often asks if she can do junk modelling or build something with glue. This request often leads to some eye-rolling from me, as I worry about the mess that she is going to make. Then I heard about Bunchems and we were offered the opportunity to review…

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Mental Health

The Importance Of Validating Your Children’s Emotions

A photograph of a mother and her son - the mum is reading a copy of the Love book from My First Emotions Box by Skylark Learning - The Importance Of Validating Your Children's Emotions - Mrs H's favourite things

  Tonight we had chicken stir fry for dinner. Mr H had spent 20 minutes cooking a lovely meal that we could all enjoy as a family. And it was a yummy dinner. Mr H and I ate the whole thing. However, Little Mister H was not happy about his dinner. He clearly wanted fish fingers and chips or jacket potato with cheese and beans. So he became angry and ended up throwing some of his food at me. He’s a…

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