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Four Tips For A Luxurious Ensuite

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If you’re part of a busy family with kids, often your family bathroom has to function as a highly practical space. With a large splash zone, covered in bath toys and with a high volume of traffic, sometimes it can feel like a zoo.

So if you have an ensuite bathroom, or space to create your own, it’s definitely worth doing. There’s no other addition to your home that is so luxurious, and the privacy of a second bathroom means that you can afford to design it with some sophisticated touches, plus it will add value to your home when you come to sell it.


Four Tips For A Luxurious Ensuite

Streamline Your Space

As ensuites are typically smaller spaces the main design goal should be to create a feeling of space. Do this by opting for wall hung fittings wherever possible – a toilet and basin especially. These are attached to the wall and give the appearance of floating. This allows more light to flow under them, which instantly makes the room look less cluttered.


Box In The Piping

Similarly, you can hide away piping in the walls for a less cramped look. Unsightly piping can look even worse in a small space, so opt to conceal it. This will help to make the room look bigger and more deluxe. The same goes for showers with minimal or concealed panels for a sleeker finish.


Choose High-End Materials

As your ensuite is typically a smaller space, you can afford to go to town with more refined materials for a real feeling of sophistication. Select surfacing such as real hardwood, natural stone tiling or look into ‘How much is polished concrete?’. Not only are these materials hardwearing but they give an extra deluxe touch to the room.


Get Savvy With Storage

Nothing will ruin the calm of your ensuite like a clutter of shampoo bottles and bath salts, so design good storage into your space from the start. If you don’t have space for separate units, look into solutions such as alcove shelves, corner cupboards and shower baskets to give everything its place without cutting into your space. A heated towel rack is a great idea – it doubles up as a radiator and storage for your towels! And a countertop sink will let you include storage drawers underneath for a streamlined look and lots of places to hide those cleaning products!


Come Up With A Colour Scheme

As your ensuite is a continuation of the bedroom, go for a colour scheme that complements the feel of that room, choosing styles that harmonise the two spaces. Sometimes, a smaller ensuite may not have a window, and if so, it’s a good idea to opt for a brighter, lighter colour scheme.

Equally, with a bit more light, a dark colour scheme can create a very sophisticated, boutique-style bathroom. Navy blue walls paired with large mirrors can really bring a sense of opulence to the space. Or you could consider a vividly patterned wallpaper to add extra impact to the space. You can also add interest with patterned tiling to introduce a splash of colour.

Do you have an ensuite bathroom? How is it decorated?






This is a collaborative post.





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