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Why It Pays To Research Before You Renovate

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When it comes to renovating your home, it’s easy to think that the work begins and ends with the renovation itself. In some ways, this is true; the majority of the project will be spent on the literal heavy lifting and basic mechanics of renovating.

However, this is not the only part of renovation that counts. While it’s great if you take appropriate safety measures and research the best ways to decorate, there’s no doubt that the heaviest metaphorical lifting of a renovation project takes place long before the work begins.


Why It Pays To Research Before You Renovate


The Importance of Research

It may sound extreme, but it’s true: research will define whether or not your home renovation is successful. It really is that simple. If you neglect your research, then you can quickly find yourself over-budget, oversubscribed, and unable to complete the work that you expected to do.

Take, for example, the budget. If you have a set budget, it naturally figures that you’re going to want to ensure that that budget is able to go as far as possible. To do that, you’re going to need to relentlessly research the prices of everything that you use.

It’s the everything that many DIYers fall down on. If they are renovating their kitchen, they, of course, know that they have to focus on the costs of cupboards and flooring, but they forget to check granite worktop prices or the cost of fixing new shelves. It’s very easy to research on a macro level, but good research takes place on a micro level. Good research ensures that every penny is able to deliver the maximum return on investment, which should assist you in producing the best possible results with your renovation.


Realities Of DIY Timing

When it comes to DIY, we’re all optimists. We look at a job, such as painting a bedroom or installing a new ceiling lamp in the living room, and we think: I can do that pretty quickly!. Sometimes, we’re right, but more often than not, the DIY tasks we intend to do are going to take us roughly three times as long as we expect.

The reason for this is simple: we’re not professionals. A professional might be able to paint a wall in a day, but an amateur hobbyist is going to need far longer to deliver good results. That’s why you need to meticulously research the actual time that DIY tasks take; for example, by browsing forums. When you have a realistic idea of how long a task is going to take, you then have to carefully schedule it, to ensure it proceeds without a hitch.


Researching The Legalities

Finally, an important aspect of home renovations is the legality of the work you complete. Depending on the area in which you live, you may be restricted by a variety of different codes and laws that control what you can and can’t do to your own home. It’s your responsibility to research these areas and, if you find legislation you must adhere to, you know exactly how to meet these requirements— and you have to do this before your renovation work begins.


In Conclusion

Without solid research, you will soon find that your home renovations can quickly spiral out of control. If you spend as much time planning the work as you do actually completing it, then you won’t go far wrong. So get searching!

Have you done any home renovation? What research did you do beforehand?






This is a collaborative post.

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