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Living The Dream: Having A Swimming Pool In Your Back Garden

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With summer now pretty much upon us, and the recent spell of extraordinarily hot weather, you might be dreaming about building your own outdoor swimming pool in your garden as a way to exercise, relax, and generally feel good.  

Indeed, there is something about swimming that lifts one’s soul and spirit.  It’s not just good for you in a physiological sense but in a mental and emotional well-being sense too.  It’s also one of the safest forms of exercise with regard to injury prevention.

Today, in the UK more and more people are getting swimming pools built in their back garden as the summer months do appear to be heating up slightly, but moreover, the technology of heating an outdoor people is becoming much more efficient, effective, and cheap than it once was.


Living The Dream: Having A Swimming Pool In Your Back Garden


Building a swimming pool in your back garden is a great idea, as there’s nothing more sociable than inviting your friends and family around on a hot day to enjoy lounging by the pool and having a barbecue.  

However, if you are serious about getting a pool built in time for summer then you need to act pretty fast, as it’s not a quick job.  The other thing you’ll want to check out are the bikini styles that will rock this summer, if you’re thinking of having friends around for a pool party to celebrate the launch of your new outdoor pool.

So, if you’ve always dreamed of having a pool in your back garden, here are a few simple steps to help turn your dream into reality… but it really is time to get moving on this, as we are fast approaching the point where you will want to be using your pool rather than building it.


1. Design


The first factor to consider is size; this will be naturally constrained by how large your garden is, and the next factor to consider is depth which might also be constrained if you have children that will be using the swimming pool.

If your children will be using the pool or even if you’re not a particularly strong swimmer, then it is recommended to keep it under 1.2 metres, which is what most health clubs set their pool depth to be, as this is considered to be the safest depth that still enables swimming.

Of course, you can then decide what colour you would like the tiles to be, and any fancy touches in terms of the design.  Blue is clearly the classic colour for swimming pools, yet there are many startling designs that embrace deep reds and purples to create more of a design statement.

The next consideration with regard to design is the lighting and also the shape of the pool.  With regard to cost, generally speaking, the more complex the design is the higher the cost to create the swimming pool will be.


2. Get Permission


In order to build a swimming pool in your back garden, it’s likely that you’ll need to gain planning permission from the council, and you’ll want to do this before starting to dig, just in case there’s a reason they say no.  You’ll also want to make sure there aren’t any sewerage, gas or other utility pipes in the area you wish to excavate.


3. Excavate The Area


At this stage, you might wish to employ a contractor to take care of everything, though if you’re on a budget there is the option to hire construction equipment yourself, as ultimately at this point you’re only digging a big hole in the back garden!

It is, however, vitally important to have been granted permission before starting to dig as there may be some hidden wires or pipes that you could destroy.


4. Consider The Material To Use


The three main options for swimming pool material are concrete, fibreglass, and vinyl.


5. Flatten The Ground And Walls


The next step is to flatten out the ground.  This will make building the walls and laying the floor much easier.


6. Put In The Plumbing & Electricity


You’ll want to get an experienced plumber to take care of this specialist task, as you don’t want to risk getting it wrong.  You’ll also want to hire an electrician to install the lights, as bad wiring plus water is not a good combination; particularly when people are submerging themselves in this potentially lethal mix.

It’s advisable that you read up on how to prevent electrocution before going any further, or attempting to do it yourself without the supervision of someone that truly knows what they are doing.


7. Pour The Floor, Build The Walls And Tile


The next step is to pour the floor and build the walls with cement, then you can tile them, but remember to add a moisture barrier to stop the water from seeping out.


8. Fill The Pool


The final step, of course, is to fill the pool with fresh water and treat it with a cleaning agent such as chlorine.  


In summary, if you want to live the dream and have a swimming pool in your back garden, it’s not actually as complicated as many people think.







This is a collaborative post.




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