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Get Your Garden Summer Ready With These Nifty Ideas

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This year we’ve been blessed with a gloriously hot summer, and you’re probably beginning to think about doing your garden up (if you haven’t started already) so that you and your family can enjoy this lovely weather in your own little space. Sometimes though, it can be difficult to come up with ideas on what to do in your garden especially if you don’t like DIY. However, having a beautiful garden doesn’t mean you have to be amazing with your hands, so take a look at how you can get your garden summer ready with these nifty ideas.

Get Your Garden Summer Ready With These Nifty Ideas

Build A Vegetable Patch

One thing that never goes amiss in a garden is a good old vegetable patch. Not only do you get to enjoy the produce that you’ve grown, but it’s a fantastic way of teaching your children some valuable life lessons. All you need is some soil, a few seeds of your favourite fruit and vegetables, and the ability to water it when needed. Add a little bordering to your vegetable patch and you’ll look like pros! Why not get the children to choose their favourite fruit or vegetable and give them a project over the summer holidays to look after their plant?

Get Some Outdoor Lighting

With this lovely warm weather comes lighter evenings and much longer spent out in the garden than any other time of year. Why not compliment your garden with some outdoor lighting so that once the children are in bed, you can both enjoy your time together outdoors lapping up any remaining sun and heat from the day? There’s something super relaxing about sitting outside and listening to the birds chirping at the end of each day. Head to your local hardware store and pick up some outdoor lighting. Remember that if you’re not trained to handle electrics, call your local electrician to come and help you install your lights.

Welcome Wildlife

Talking of birds, why not make your garden a sanctuary for wildlife? In this heat especially, wildlife can struggle to find food, water, and even shelter to sleep in. Use this opportunity as a chance to create another project with the children by creating a few simple aids for wildlife in your area:

• A bird bath for easy access to water

• Bird and bug boxes for protection

• Bowls of water for foxes and hedgehogs

• Hidden shelters for smaller animals to nest in

• Bird feeders full of seeds and nuts

Doing this will also help teach your children about wildlife and how important it is to help them out when they are in need. And it’s a fabulous way of spending some time together during the up and coming summer holidays!

Create A Kids’ Corner

Finally, as you already know, children can become bored easily. This is why it’s a good idea to create a kids corner in your garden to keep them occupied during the summer. Why not buy a slide and swing set for your children to enjoy? Or build them a den to spend hours of their summer playing in? You can buy bark to keep them safe from falls and add a lovely touch of colour to your garden. Don’t forget to set up a paddling pool for hours of cooling off and fun during this amazing weather!

What do you do to make your garden summer ready?





This is a collaborative post.


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