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3 Simple Methods Of Lifting Your Spirits To The Sky

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When depressed, it can be very tough to try and see the good in every day. In fact, it can sometimes be nigh-on impossible. This might be for many reasons. Of course, the chemical imbalance of your brain can contribute to this, and in those scenarios medication and therapy can be profound helping measures. This article will not focus on the science of this, or recommend that you follow it. Health matters of this serious nature are always, always, always best left to your most qualified health professional. Take their advice.

However, sometimes depression can also be a combination of emotional blockages or personal stagnation. This still doesn’t lend credit to the pull yourself together phrase people often like to say to people feeling very down.

However, sometimes, going out and taking affirmative action to lift your spirit, or at least trying to, can turn a bad day into a day worth living. This is not mystical science. The roots of positive emotion are often based in our task fulfilment or our social bonds. Sometimes, doing good can also help us feel good. Here are three methods in which you might like to exercise this potential of lifting your spirits to the sky:


3 Simple Methods Of Lifting Your Spirits To The Sky


You shouldn’t get up, leave the house and try to talk to people you don’t know in a cafe or on the street, or in a park of course. Sometimes that could come off the wrong way. You’re not silly. However, making an effort to just be a little more wordy with people can help you shed some of your personality instead of feeling so uptight all the time.

It can be very beneficial to do, even if you don’t feel like it, or you aren’t generating the most profound conversation of all time. Simply speaking to a small store clerk with no customers about the weather for five minutes can put a smile on your face. Talking to your hair stylist a little can help you feel a little more comfortable. Calling an old friend to catch up, or even just messaging them on Facebook or a less controversial social media site can help you feel a little more connected to the world around you.


Do Small Acts Of Good

Small acts of good are almost magical for your mood. Despite your lack of faith in people, or in life itself, helping someone, donating your unwanted good to a service like Habitat For Humanity or writing a personal letter to a friend telling them how strong they’ve been in recent months can help make the world that little bit brighter, and your spirit shine a touch more. This can truly help you begin to build optimism, and it will all have come from you.


Challenges Once Each Day

Set yourself a challenge once every day. Complete that challenge and let it be your victory. On down days it might simply be showering, doing a few press-ups and calling your friend on the phone, or getting all of your laundry done. On great days it might be heading on a hike, meeting someone new, heading to the gym or joining that book club for a lunchtime discussion. Each day, you should challenge yourself. Even if it’s in a small way. It’s amazing to see just how these efforts grow, and the positive personal reinforcement of your habits will help you feel much better than before.

With these simple habits, you are sure to find a little more good in every day, and look up rather than down.

What simple methods do you use for lifting your spirits?






This is a collaborative post.

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