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Simple Steps To Stop Your Home Being An Energy Suck

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The cost of utility bills is set to rise even more. This is a concern for anyone that has to pay for them. But also the amount of energy we use is far more concerning for the planet as a whole. The more resources we use, the worse things will be for the planet, and all of us as a consequence.

Luckily, there are things you can do to help reduce these costs and make your home more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. If everyone reduced the amount of energy they use the power stations could produce less gas and electricity. This, in turn, would mean they would be using less of the planet’s natural resources and that has to be a good thing.

Simple Steps To Stop Your Home Being An Energy Stuck

Thermostats And Timers

Thermostats and timers that let you control your heating can produce a large saving on your energy usage and bills. Too often, heating systems are left on overnight when it’s not needed. Use a timer so it comes on and goes off at the times when it will be used.

Also, if you lower your thermostat by just two degrees then it’s likely no one will notice, except you when you get the utility bill to pay.

You may also want to consider changing to electric radiators, which you can get at www.electricradiatorsdirect.co.uk, because they are so flexible. Do different members of your family prefer different temperatures?  With electric radiators, you can adjust each one to suit the room it is heating. And they don’t have to be turned on in rooms that are empty. They are slimline, unobtrusive and moveable. Used properly they can reduce your energy costs by around 7%.

Don’t Use Sleep Mode

That little red light on your TV, music centre or anything else you leave in sleep mode overnight is using more power than you might imagine. You may think that it cannot be much but over a year it could cost you between £40 and £50, and that is a sure sign that it’s sucking up lots of extra resources from the planet. If you have several TV’s in your home, computers, music centres and anything else that is left with a light on overnight then this could be adding over £200 a year to your electricity bills.


Your home will lose a lot of heat through the roof if your loft is not insulated. There are several ways this can be done depending on what you want to use your loft for. It’s not overly expensive and will make your home stay warmer in the winter and help to keep it cooler in the summer when the sun is beating down on your roof.

You could also consider having any cavity walls insulated. It’s estimated that a third of your heat is lost through cavity walls so getting them insulated will be hugely beneficial. And remember, the jacket that insulates your hot water tank does not last forever. It should be replaced every few years to keep your water hot efficiently.

Update Kitchen Appliances

The older kitchen appliances are the less energy efficient they become. For instance, a dishwasher that is more than about 4 years old will use 10 gallons of water for each wash cycle, and more electricity to pump that water through the machine. A newer dishwasher will use 7 gallons per wash cycle. If you use your dishwasher once a day that is 21 gallons of water saved every week. Over a year that is a lot of water and should show when you see your reduced water bills. This is also the case with washing machines, kettles, ovens and all other kitchen appliances. The older they become, the less energy efficient they are.

Use Thicker Curtains

You can save a lot of heat escaping from your house if you hang thicker curtains at your windows. Thicker curtains will also stop any drafts and help to make your room feel nice and snug. Some people hang curtains over doors as well. Doors that lead to the outside can be particularly drafty and a heavy curtain hung over them can make a big difference on those long dark nights.

Double Glazing

You will be pleasantly surprised at the reduction in your utility bills if you replace your single glazed windows with ones that are double-glazed. Not only will they make a big difference to the energy efficiency of your home, they can also help to reduce the amount of noise you hear from outside.

Solar Panels

Not all homes are suitable for solar panels, like the ones at http://www.selectsolar.co.uk/,  but most are. Solar panels help to generate your own power. Any excess power can be sold to the National Grid with a feed-in tariff. The Energy Saving Trust estimates that most people could generate at least 40% of their own power this way. Wouldn’t that be a saving on your utility bills?

Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

There are so many simple things you can do to make your home more energy efficient and to reduce those nasty bills. You could buy an eco kettle, an energy efficient fridge or a water saving showerhead. All these might seem little things but the amount they can save you soon mounts up.

One thing many people overlook though is the tariff from the power companies. You have to remember that power companies want your business and will do all they can to either keep your custom or tempt you to change suppliers. So you have to do your own homework to find out which suppliers, such as Ecotricity, are best for the environment and your pocket.

As well as helping the environment and making your home cheaper to run, energy efficiency measures can help to make it more saleable if you decide to move on. So you could benefit in two ways from making sure that your home is not an energy suck.

How do you make sure your house is more energy efficient?





This is a collaborative post.

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