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How Furniture Can Help Sell Your Home

A photograph of a smart and large kitchen in a modern home - How Furniture Can Help Sell Your Home - Mrs H's favourite things

How furniture can help sell your home is a collaborative post.

If you’re looking to sell your home then there are thousands of tips and tricks out there. From baking fresh bread in the morning of a viewing to cutting the lawn. One that requires less effort is simply using your furniture effectively. It can be risky to purchase new furniture before you move house, but you can use your existing furnishings to help sell your home and buy fresh items from Furniture Plus when you’re in your new property. Here are a few tips for using furniture to help sell your home.

How Furniture Can Help Sell Your Home

In The Bedroom

The master bedroom needs to appear as appealing as possible and dressing the bed as much as you can will help this. Whatever the size of your bed, it’s the centrepiece of the room and it should look fantastic and convey a sense of luxury. Scatter cushions, throws and blankets across it so it looks like something from a hotel and is photo ready. Using bed linen that is one size too big can be a great way to achieve this without spending much.

Storage To Remove Clutter

Messy homes filled with clutter will put off potential buyers, even though they’ll be aware that it’s not their stuff. If you have young children then this can especially be a problem in the living room and bedrooms. That’s why making the most of any cupboards, sideboards, chest of drawers and other items of storage furniture is vital. Home viewers aren’t going to be inspecting inside such bits of furniture, so fill them with any clutter and aim to create a clear and attractive space.

Create A Cosy Living Room

A photograph of a cosy and lovingly decorated living room - that looks stylish and effortlessly chic - How Furniture Can Help Sell Your Home - Mrs H's favourite things

The living room is the centrepiece of many homes and even though the buyers may well redecorate and design it, this room needs to look cosy and homely for anyone viewing the property. If your living room is too cramped then you might need to change the layout of furniture in your living room. Move out anything that is causing a lack of space. If your sofa and chairs are a bit old and tatty, consider placing a throw or two over them to hide this and make the place seem a lot nicer.

Kitchen Countertops

Kitchens have been shown to be worth the most per square foot so it is incredibly important that yours is looking its best. In terms of furniture, this might mean dressing up the table and chairs if you have them, along with any breakfast bar stools. Upgrading kitchen countertops will be expensive but if they’re in poor condition then it may be worth it.

Cover The Floors

Again, when your carpets or bare wooden floors aren’t in the finest condition you can use furniture to cover such areas. For example, you may be able to add another little side table to the edge of your hallway to cover some areas. Or you could hide a stain on the living room carpet with a wooden stool or a rug. Rearranging furniture can easily add some value to your property and help your home sell faster.

Have you altered your furniture to sell your home? What changes did you make? I’d love to hear in the comments.





This is a collaborative post. 

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