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4 Affordable Ways To Breathe New Life Into Your Home

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Do you ever get that feeling where you feel perfectly at home but at the same time restless? You love your home and everything in it, but it’s just not quite enough anymore? You need to revivify your living space and breathe new life into your home. But while the wealthiest among us may feel that it’s time for a complete renovation and/or redecoration that simply isn’t an option for those of us on a budget. Worry not, however, if your home needs a new lease of life, there are a plethora of ways in which you can provide it without having to max out your overdraft or rack up ruinous credit card debt.

Here are just a few easy and affordable ways in which you can give your home an upgrade on a budget.

4 Affordable Ways To Breathe New Life Into Your Home

Rethink Your Flooring

While it may not be the most obvious thing that comes to mind, your flooring can have an extremely transformative effect on a room. It can make it seem larger, cosier, tidier or more luxurious. And while it may be a slightly disruptive process, it most certainly needn’t cost the Earth. Just take a look at these carpet tiles. They’re self-adhesive making them easy to apply and at a cost of £1.65 per tile excluding VAT they are as affordable as they are versatile. Likewise luxury vinyl plank flooring is an affordable and attractive solution to expensive hardwood floors.


Embrace Minimalism

Often, when we feel ill-at-ease, distracted or bothered in some indefinable way at home its due to the volume of clutter on display. Clutter is not only visually distracting, but it can also have a profoundly ill effect on one’s mental health. Very often, adopting a minimalistic approach to your home decor can make your home feel more comfortable, serene and new and aside from not costing anything it can actually make you money if you sell off your extraneous possessions. Simply getting rid of some non-essentials and moving some furniture can make a room feel like new at no cost at all.


A photograph of someone painting a piece of furniture a teal colour - 4 Affordable Ways To Breathe New Life Into Your Home - Mrs H's favourite things

A Lick Of Paint

Paint is easy and affordable to apply, but if you think that your sole recourse is putting it on your walls, think again. A coat of paint can also revivify furniture, or make disparate pieces look like they’ve always been part of a matching set. Likewise, a fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into shelves, kitchen cupboards and drawers, wardrobes, dressers and just about anything else to which paint will adhere! Don’t forget that even refrigerators and washing machines can be spray painted as can radiators and wall tiles.


Affordable Art

If you need to liven up your walls but don’t have the disposable income to invest in art, there are a number of ways in which you can liven up drab and dreary wall space without breaking the bank. Film posters are thrown out of cinemas every day. Throw one in a frame and you have a smart centrepiece for a kids’ room. Likewise, even a length of ornate wallpaper cut and wrapped over blank canvases can make a visually interesting triptych. Besides, who said that art had to be expensive. Check out these great places to find art that’s affordable for even stringent budgets.

It doesn’t take a heavy investment to breathe new life into the home. Just a little imagination!





This is a collaborative post.

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