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Anniversary Gifts (With A Twist)

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Regular readers will be aware that I try to share positive vibes and focus on the good things in life – and that means putting in a little extra effort when it comes to buying the perfect gift! My parents are going to be celebrating their golden wedding anniversary next year and so I’ve recently been looking into 30th, 40th, and 50th wedding anniversary gifts. Because I like to be prepared (both for myself and for friends and family). I got a little carried away with searching out the best alternative gifts that would really bring a smile to that someone special’s face. Want to see what I’ve found? Yep, I know you do. So, let’s get to it. Check out my list of ultimate anniversary gifts with a twist.

Anniversary Gifts (With A Twist)

50th Anniversary – Golden Wedding Anniversary

50th wedding anniversaries are celebrated with gifts of gold. But what to buy? A gold clock, perhaps? A pair of gold pendants or bracelets? Maybe not. A gold picture frame? The problem is that gold as a colour isn’t necessarily going to be at the top of everybody’s wish list for décor or jewellery. So, I thought about it. And then I realised. What’s golden in colour that’s going to be more appreciated than an actual bar of gold? Gold bars from Golden Eagle Coin represent a stylish and well-presented keepsake. Keep an eye out for everything from animal print designs to Greek Goddesses and everything in between.

40th Anniversary – Ruby Wedding Anniversary

40th wedding anniversaries are celebrated with gifts of ruby. Straight away, the issue we have here is that fine quality rubies fetch around $100K per carat. We’re going to have to think a little more in terms of the colour and shape of the gemstone than the actual gemstone itself (unless you happen to have a spare few hundred grand sitting around!). Now, I know paperweights aren’t the most dramatic of alternative gift ideas, but how about a rose-tinted glass paperweight cut into the shape of a real ruby, engraved with a personal message. This trinket of an idea is very eye-catching and is sure to be passed around for everyone to see at the next family get together.

30th Anniversary – Pearl Wedding Anniversary

30th wedding anniversaries are celebrated with gifts of pearl. While pearls are more affordable than the rubies mentioned above, they’ll still set you back several hundred pounds/dollars for a classic look necklace. I’ve shopped around and found personalised porcelain bowls painted and detailed to look like a large hollowed out pearls. The bowls stack inside one another, meaning you get a large, a medium, and a small pearl-look bowl – ideal for a shelf display (and due to the fact that pearl is a neutral shade of off-white, the bowls are sure to match with almost any décor).

What would you buy a loved one for a special wedding anniversary?





This is a collaborative post.

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