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Important Advice For Caring For Elderly Relatives

A photograph of an old woman and a young woman - Important Advice For Caring For Elderly Relatives - Mrs H's favourite things

Important Advice For Caring For Elderly Relatives is a collaborative post. Watching your own parents get older is so difficult. Nobody wants to face it but at some point, they’re going to get to the point where they’re struggling on their own and they’ll need somebody to help care for them. They looked after you while you were young and now is the time for you to take care of them. But this is very difficult, especially if you’ve got…

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Home & Garden

Adding A Touch Of Sparkle To Your Home

A photograph of a grand living room with gold walls - Adding A Touch Of Sparkle To Your Home - Mrs H's favourite things

Adding A Touch Of Sparkle To Your Home is a collaborative post. ‘Tis the season to be jolly. Creating a Christmas decor that encompasses the festive spirit at home is the secret to a magical Christmas. However, as an adult, you might have to think twice about filling your living room with small Santa figurines, stuffed Elves and a soft toy Rudolf that sings a Carol when you press its red nose. While these tend to be seasonal, they can…

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Baby Loss

Baby Loss: Is It Time To Move On?

A black and white photograph of a soft toy abandoned on a window sill - Baby Loss - Is It Time To Move On - Mrs H's favourite things

Trigger warning – this post mentions baby loss and miscarriages. Baby Loss: Is It Time To Move On? A New Diagnosis This month marks the anniversary of one of my miscarriages. One of our lost babies was also due in November. And last week I was finally diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from the miscarriages. All this means that our experience of baby loss is very much on my mind. It wasn’t a surprise to be given a diagnosis of Post Traumatic…

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Mental Health

Let’s Talk Mental Health: Taking Care Of Yourself At Home

A photograph of a woman sitting on her bed, holding a coffee cup and crying - Let's Talk About Mental Health: Taking Care Of Yourself At Home - Mrs H's favourite things

Let’s Talk Mental Health: Taking Care Of Yourself At Home is a collaborative post Suffering with mental health conditions like anxiety and depression is more than simply feeling a little low within yourself. It’s not wanting to be alone, yet not wanting anyone else around you, it’s wanting to be productive but not being able to peel yourself out of bed, it’s feeling so tired you can’t stay awake, yet not being able to shut off your brain. Thankfully the…

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Mental Health

Self-Loathing And The Art Of Liking Myself

A photograph of a lady with brown hair - Self-loathing And The Art Of Hating Yourself - Mrs H's favourite things

My favourite song is by Sarah McLachlan and is called Full of Grace. It is a beautiful and heart-wrenching song, about the break down of a relationship. But I’ve always believed that the words work equally well in describing how it can feel to be depressed. And one line in that song has always stood out to me. A line that conveys my feelings of self-loathing.   “It’s just that we stayed too long In the same old sickly skin.”…

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Mental Health Motherhood

Feeling The Love With Little Mister H And My First Emotions

A photograph of a little boy playing with his favourite toy and Robbie The Rabbit from the My First Emotions box - Feeling The Love With Little Mister H and My First Emotions - Mrs H's favourite things

Back in September, Mr H and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary. We were lucky enough to have a weekend away. Just the two of us. And Mr H’s parents very kindly agreed to stay at our house with the kids. As we left the house on the Friday, Mr H’s mum was holding Little Mister H up by our kitchen window so he could wave at us as we drove off. It was lovely to see him with a…

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Finding Happiness

Finding Happiness And Chasing Rainbows – October 2018

Last month, I decided that I needed to restart writing about the happy moments in my life and share the times that bring me joy and put a smile on my face. So Finding Happiness And Chasing Rainbows was born. Happiness isn’t always easy to come by. Sometimes you have to work hard at finding your happiness. You have to search for happiness, chase after it and once you’ve found it then hold onto it. That is why I think…

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Thoughts & Inspiration

How To Go From Stay-At-Home Mom To Career Woman

A photograph of a career woman on her mobile phone - How To Go From Stay-At-Home-Mom To Career Woman - Mrs H's favourite things

After years as a stay-at-home mom, the prospect of going back to work may excite you. Particularly if you gave up a career to focus on parenthood, then this is your opportunity to focus on your life again, and the goals you used to have. It’s also your opportunity to generate an extra income, allowing you to save money for your family’s future. However,  getting a job isn’t easy, especially when you have gaps in your resumé because of your…

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