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Adding A Touch Of Sparkle To Your Home

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Adding A Touch Of Sparkle To Your Home is a collaborative post.

‘Tis the season to be jolly. Creating a Christmas decor that encompasses the festive spirit at home is the secret to a magical Christmas. However, as an adult, you might have to think twice about filling your living room with small Santa figurines, stuffed Elves and a soft toy Rudolf that sings a Carol when you press its red nose. While these tend to be seasonal, they can feel a little childish. They lack a grown-up style. Therefore, this year, you can replace your Santa decorations with a touch of elegance and playfulness. Christmas is the season of indulgence on the table and under the Christmas tree. And it’s also the best season to shine. Sprinkle some sparkles into your interior!

Adding A Touch Of Sparkle To Your Home

Turn On The Lights Once And For All

Most people never think about their lighting fixtures until it’s time to change the light bulb. But, instead of being only a functional item, your light can become a statement piece too. Indeed, what says indulgent Christmas better than an opulent chandelier? They’re no need to hunt them in antique shops, you’ll find plenty of mock chandeliers, ranging from baroque to steampunk models, in your local DIY store. But one thing is certain; the glitzy gold light adds an undeniable touch of magic to Christmas!

Let The Golden Rays Shimmer Forever

Curtains and blinds deserve all your attention in winter when you can count the hours of sunlight on the fingers of your two hands. Now’s the best time to make the most of your windows and stage natural light as the hero of your decor. Thick curtains in golden hues keep the warmth in and remind of the sun when they’re pulled together at night. For daytime, you can amplify each ray of sun through aluminium Venetian blinds. They keep intrusive eyes out and reflect the light further into the room. A delicate bronze shade can transform your windows into golden gates to the outdoor world!  

Create An Accent Wall

Nothing says grown-up festivities like an accent wall that embraces all the playfulness and extravagance of the season. But instead of the traditional Christmas ornaments in shades of red and dark green, you can create a sparkling feel with stylish bronze and gold wallpaper. You can add some fun with golden geometric shapes on a dark backpack – a common pattern for an accent wall. If you want something brighter, try combinations of rose gold or copper emphasis on a cream background instead.

Fancy Dining Plates

For the majority of British families, Christmas is spent at the table. Whether you’re enjoying the traditional Christmas turkey or indulging in a slice of Christmas pudding, your kitchenware can bring the festive spirit directly onto the table. From mock silver dishes to stylish plates with a delicate golden border, there is a variety of option to make your dinnerware shine. If you haven’t yet invested in an upbeat service, the addition of a few well-selected pieces can make all the difference. Besides, everybody will agree that your Christmas feast will taste a lot better in pretty plates. 

This year, you can keep your Christmas decorations to a minimum. Replace the traditional cheerfulness of the stripy red and white candy canes and Elves with little touches of sparkles that will shimmer throughout the season. Make Christmas grandiose again.




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