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How To Go From Stay-At-Home Mom To Career Woman

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After years as a stay-at-home mom, the prospect of going back to work may excite you. Particularly if you gave up a career to focus on parenthood, then this is your opportunity to focus on your life again, and the goals you used to have. It’s also your opportunity to generate an extra income, allowing you to save money for your family’s future.

However,  getting a job isn’t easy, especially when you have gaps in your resumé because of your time out of the workplace. Still, there are things you can do before you start applying for jobs to better your chances.

How To Go From Stay-At-Home Mom To Career Woman

Concentrate On Your Education

Concentrate on your education. To get the job you want, you may need to pick up a few more qualifications to improve your chances. You can do this when you’re still caring for your kids, as while you may not have the opportunity to attend college or a night school, there are still courses you can do online that offer a flexible way of study. From basic skills learning to more advanced courses such as this operations management online degree, consider what you need to secure the job you want and register online to begin your studies.

Refresh your resumé

Okay, so there may be job gaps on your resumé, but don’t overlook the time you have spent parenting. You will have picked up some very useful skills during your time as a stay-at-home mom, many of which hold value in the workplace. Take a look at these transferable job skills to give you an idea of what we mean. While at home, you might also take on a side-hustle, such as selling your crafts online or doing freelance work for others, as this will give you employment experiences to add further credibility to your resumé.

Look for voluntary opportunities

 Another way to add credence to your resumé is by adding any voluntary work you may have taken on. It doesn’t matter whether the work is directly connected to the jobs you want to go for or not, as most volunteer positions will contain transferable skills, such as time management and teamwork, for most jobs you apply for. Look for any type of volunteer work you can take on, such as at your child’s school or on a community project, and add your experiences and skills to your resumé.

Think about your elevator pitch

This is how you sell yourself when faced with a prospective employer. In the same way, as you would when thinking about adding skills to your resumé, consider how you would relate your experiences when asked to sum up who you are, what you want from a job, and what you have to offer. Saying something like I have been a stay-at-home mom for the last few years and am looking to get out of the house is selling yourself short. Whereas, something like I’m a professional woman who put my career on hold to raise my children, but I’m now excited about returning to work where I can put my skills (insert parenting skills such as organisation and multi-tasking) into practice in the workplace, is a better way of selling yourself.

By following these steps, the transition back into work should be a smoother one. If you are going through this process now, then I wish you every success in your return to the workplace.




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