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December 2018

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31 Day Self-Care Challenge

A photograph of someone having a cup of tea in bed - 31 Day Self-Care Challenge - Mrs H's favourite things

Self-care should always be a priority. When you’re feeling low and depressed it is especially important to put yourself first and indulge in some self-care 31 Day Self-Care Challenge That is why I have created a 31 Day Self-Care Challenge. You can start it at any time. And for 31 days, I have set myself (and anyone else who wants to join in) a daily self-care task. This is a way to put yourself first and treat yourself. It will…

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Finding Happiness

The Christmas Tag

A photograph of a Nutcracker Christmas decoration - The Christmas Tag - Mrs H's favourite things

Christmas is only a day away. Are you prepared? For once I’m feeling very organised. So organised that I can afford to spend the time taking part in The Christmas Tag. I was tagged by the lovely Amanda at Mrs Warburton. As I’ve been very quiet on the blog I thought it would be a lovely post to come back to. And an opportunity to talk about Christmas past, present and future. So are you ready to feel the Christmas spirit? The…

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