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January 2019

Mental Health

Depression And University Life: My Story

A photo of a young girl at university - Depression And University Life - My Experience - Mrs H's favourite things

TRIGGER WARNING: This post deals with depression and mentions self-harm. Depression And University Life My Degree I studied Classical Civilisation and Ancient History at university. And during my study I became drawn to Greek Tragedy. I loved the complex stories filled with bold female characters who committed hideous atrocities because of some fatal flaw. And during those years at university, I often felt like I had changed into one of those characters. That I was ever so carefully destroying myself…

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Finding Happiness Mental Health

19 Goals For 2019

A photograph of a mother and daughter overlooking the lake at Hever Castle - 19 Goals for 2019 - Mrs H's favourite things

Last year I set myself 18 goals and plans for 2018. It was such a fun post to write and I’m pleased that I’ve ticked off many of the items on the list. You can read how I got on in my review post. But 2018 is so last year. On to 2019. This is what I would like to achieve this year. 19 Goals For 2019 1. Read 24 books. In 2018, I set a goal to read more…

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Mental Health

20 Years

A photo of a young girl with depression smiling in her university student union - 20 years - Mrs hs favourite things

20 years. 20 years ago. January 1999. That’s when I was given my first diagnosis. That was the month that I had a breakdown and depression entered my life. A depression that was so consuming it sought to end my life. 20 years. At the time, I was a student at a university. My main concerns should have been getting my essays in on time and if the good looking barman from the Student Union had noticed me. But those…

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Finding Happiness

18 for 2018 – Revisited

A photo of a little girl running down a hill in the sunshine - 18 For 2018 - Revisited - Mrs H's favourite things

At the end of 2017, I began to listen to a podcast by Gretchen Rubin, the author of The Happiness Project. In one of her podcasts, she and her sister created a list of things that they wanted to do the following year. It included finding the ultimate black dress and getting to bed earlier. I decided to write my own list and so I sat down and wrote 18 for 2018. As it is now 2019, it is time…

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