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Preparing Your Home To Move Out

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When moving to a new place, there is much preparation to do. For the most part, you will be focused on outfitting your new abode, looking forward to the move-in date, and trying to arrange all of the moving implements to ensure that everything goes smoothly when the big day arrives. But of course, you likely know how to operate when that’s on the horizon.

Preparing your home for the moving out process can also be essential. Not only do you want to leave the home that’s sheltered you in good condition, but you likely also want to make the move in the process just as enjoyable for the family coming to your property. It’s always nice to arrange their experience just as you would like yours to be, even in the little things.

But of course, the main advantage to moving out correctly is that when you’ve moved out, you’ve moved out. You needn’t look back and worry or wonder about the past because you’ve managed a healthy break from it. Now you can look forward to the next chapter of life with your family.

Preparing Your Home To Move Out

But for now, we have work to do:

Deep Cleaning

It’s, of course, essential that you clean your house deeply before you leave. It could be stipulated in the contract of sale that you are to leave the home in great condition, but it’s always nice to go the extra step and ensure the property is spotless before you leave. This allows you to not only ensure the incoming family enters with a sense of amazement and gratitude, helping their first day in their new family life be thoroughly joyful. But it also gives you an excuse to go more deeply into your cupboards and hidden spaces.

This can help you find something you may have forgotten to pack in the attic, or perhaps lodged in the cupboard under the stairs. In other words, you have the chance for a final once-over, and that can be extremely important for your own peace of mind if nothing else. But there is also a third purpose for this deep clean. If you allow your children to take care of their own rooms (with your guidance) it can also give you one last look at your home, and many memories will be swirling through your mind as you do this. It’s not hard to see how this might feel quite positive and relaxing a thing to take care of, and so taking care of this could be quite a wonderful step.

Transfer Bills & Utilities

It’s, of course, important to set up your energy supplies at the new home just before you move in, or arrange them to provide that on the given date. The reverse is true when moving out, of course, it’s important to ensure all services you use are informed of the move and the required cancellation of the services. Synchronized together with the family moving into your home, you can ensure that the transfer of names is well taken care of, to prevent anyone being without the services they might need.

Of course, sometimes a simple transfer is all that’s required, for example how your internet plan is likely to work. Simply changing the address and booking a date for your renewed installation can prevent you from being without the internet for a couple of weeks as you get settled in.

Clean Up The Garden

There’s no need to plant new hanging baskets or perhaps even take care of the weeds in your garden before someone moves in. But mowing the lawn, leaving behind the tools you do not wish to take, unlocking the garden shed and leaving the key on the side for the new tenants, and simply binning the debris that might have been there (such as old furniture or construction items) can help you ensure that the new owners come into a blank green slate, perfect for the spring that’s almost fully here and the summer on its way. If they have children, this can also avoid them coming into harm’s way when running around the garden in excitement, as young people will usually behave this way during this exciting time.

Redirect Your Mail

While changing the address and times of installation for your main utilities is important, it’s also important to take care of the relatively time-consuming process of changing your address on all of your accounts. In other words, redirect all of your mail to the new address. Not only does this help you avoid missing essential letters, but it can help the family moving into your old home from keeping a pile of your mail and having to send it to you every week.

More and more companies, including those related to banking, offer online statements instead of mail options in the current year. This means that you can avoid ever having to redirect your mail, or miss an important letter completely. All you need to do is tick the online box, and then you can resume with paper delivery when you are settled into your new place, should you wish to resume it.


It can be quite worth preparing meals from your freezer or cupboards and avoid buying new food as much as you can before moving out. This means you needn’t bring a whole collection of groceries with you during the move, and sometimes this won’t be feasible in the first place. Eating up all of your collected stored food can help you save wasted money, or prevent it from the necessity of being thrown out. If you can’t do this, donating this food to a local food bank could help those in need, and will be a much better option than simply throwing it out. But of course, keep in mind that food banks do not accept meat or goods that need freezing, but are much more interested in cans and in-date items with a perishable date nowhere near close.

Leave A Note

It can be a nice thought to leave a note for the new family to find when they arrive in your old home. Of course, you needn’t be overly sentimental or write anything too complex. Just a simple message wishing them well for the future can be nice enough. But more importantly than that, writing down a list of important contact numbers should they need to contact you, or potentially local services they could use can help them in a bind.

For example, the number for a good local electrician or plumber you have used for years can help them utilize a professional familiar with the property if there’s a leak. You might also decide to include tips and tricks to help the new family out. For example, if the garage door is in need of oiling, let them now. If the last slab is loose on the garden patio steps, let them know.

A simple note with this information can be a goldmine for the new owners, and it will only usually take you ten to fifteen minutes to write it. It’s completely optional of course, but who knows, this polite courtesy might net you some good karma.

Throw Out

Throw out your old items and furniture, if not leaving it in the home. You will likely come across a few items during your packing that you realize you cannot take, or perhaps wish to get rid of the junk in your garage completely. This is where it’s important to find competent rubbish removal services and have them professionally deal with your waste. This can help a home free itself of the junk before you start packing, which can help you save time and energy moving items around or having to store them somewhere special while you try and clean the place. Don’t be afraid to throw out your old goods in the process before this move – you never know just how much time and energy you have saved yourself in the future as a result, and it can prevent the new family from having to take care of it themselves.

One Final Comfort

It can be nice to leave the home in a comforting way, finding a nice manner in which to ‘send it off’ and celebrate your time there. A nice BBQ in the garden can be worthwhile provided the weather is warm enough, or perhaps just having a couple of friends over for a few drinks, and allowing their children to come and watch a movie with yours can be quite enough.

A nice large family feast can be worthwhile for eating up your food stocks as recommended previously and gives everyone a chance to enjoy each other’s company, particularly if you’re moving considerably further away from them, or to a new country entirely. This one final comfort can rest in your mind as a positive last farewell for some time, then when you think back on the property, positivity will flow.

With these tips, you’re sure to prepare your home to move out in the best manner possible. All you need to do is lock the doors securely, and move on to your new life. We wish you the best of luck.





This is a collaborative post.

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