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Gifts For A Grieving Friend

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Knowing how to help a friend who has lost someone can be difficult. We all grieve in different ways and process things in our own time. Some will retreat into their shell, some may need additional support, and others might not be able to confront their loss until years later.

No matter how they’re handling their loss, it’s important to allow your friend to work through their feelings and offer emotional support. It’s also possible to show you care by sending them a gift or making a gesture at this tough time. Here are some appropriate ideas.

Gifts For A Grieving Friend

Make a Donation

Often, you’ll see in the family announcement or obituary a request for something ‘in lieu of flowers’. One of the most common things people ask for instead is a donation to a charity that holds some significance. You could donate what you can afford to show your friend you’re thinking of them.

Memorial Tree

Sending a memorial tree or plant is a beautiful way to celebrate the memory of the person – or even the pet – your friend has lost. If you spot the perfect tree near where you live, it’s worth arranging to have it sent via courier so that you know the one you’ve hand-picked will get there safely. There are plenty of courier services to choose from, so set aside some time to look into the one that suits your needs.


A loss of appetite is associated with grief. In addition, the time-consuming arrangements involved with planning a funeral and the whole process of losing someone can make mealtimes become a thing of the past as there is simply no time left in the day to eat. Therefore, cooking your friend’s favourite dish or sending a box filled with their favourite snacks can be a simple gift that makes a huge difference at this time.

Pamper Kit

It can be so easy to forget to look after yourself when you lose someone. Gifting your friend a new hairstyle, massage or a manicure allows them an hour or two to relax and focus on themselves.

If this might be a little much and booking in a massage is not something they can face right now, you could fill a basket with treats such as face masks and mud packs, shower creams and luxurious hair masques. By doing this, you’re giving them the chance to think of themselves when they’re ready.

Have you had any other gift ideas when friends are grieving? What’s the most thoughtful gift you’ve received when you’ve lost someone?





This is a collaborative post.


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